10 Simple Life Hacks to boost your happiness

Succeed in life: 6 tips for living a happy and successful life 

Succeed in life? What does it mean? Indeed, we feel a little lost concerning this definition. So, we embark on a whole bunch of projects, we run after many goals, but at the end of the day, we are seized with doubts: is this a success in life? Here are six tips for living a happy and successful life.

  1. Life is not as serious as you think 

Since school, we are told that life is serious, and we have to make serious choices and do things seriously. Indeed, if we make the wrong choice, then we waste our lives. What if life wasn’t as serious as we’re led to believe?

What if we could say to our minds, leave me alone with all your choices, goals, and pressure? Indeed, to succeed in life is to realize that life is not as serious as we think, that we are not here to be serious, to pretend to be perfect and to lead a life perfectly. In fact, we are here to experiment, to do things and see where it takes us. Yes, we are here to have fun.

  1. We also have a heart

We learned to think with our minds, feed it new ideas, and plan things. In addition, we have more or less learned to take care of our body, nourish it and rest. But, we have only too rarely learned that we also have a heart. A heart that needs joy and fun.

And we have learned even less to listen to it. When we were children, naturally, we lived according to our hearts. Yes, we were going towards our joy. But, today, we have become serious and we always turn to our thinking minds. 

To succeed in life is to move towards our joy. It’s to stop always making serious choices, to reason, to think about the judgment of others. Indeed, succeeding in life means asking yourself a single question: does it make me happy? Yes or no?  

  1. Being happy is our mission

To live a happy and successful life is to understand that we have only one mission on Earth: to be happy. We don’t have any checkboxes. Yes, we won’t be happy because we have a perfect body, a perfect job, or a perfect family life.

We are happy because we follow our joy. Because we are totally ourselves. Yes, we stop chasing after goals to become another person: more beautiful, smarter, more loved. Let’s just run after our happiness. That’s why I wholeheartedly invite you to let go of your expectations of happiness and simply be happy here and now. Here is a text to remind you that to succeed in life, it is above all about being yourself:

“Put the first step, then another, but don’t look too far or too back. To live, after all, is only to eat, sleep and occupy one’s time as one can. All everyone should aspire to is to be themselves. We too often ask ourselves questions about the meaning of life, and then we realize that the answer is not in words but in those moments when we have forgotten the question itself! Our goals and our ambitions are only substitutes, a sublimation of the feeling of “living.” 

  1. Follow your heart and listen less to your mind

How to be successful in life? How to follow your heart and listen less to your mind? Indeed, since school, we are asked to reason with the mind, to make serious choices that engage our whole future life. So, when we understand that living a happy and successful life is to follow our joy, we get a little lost. How to do it? You can get inspired by reading the 100 video quotations. Quotation videos featured inspirational and funny words that spread wisdom, express love, and bring joy to us.

First of all, it is about no longer filling our lives with goals and obligations. You have to learn to make room to do nothing and let the joy express itself. What would make me happy? If I was a kid again, what would I want to do right now?

Then it’s about letting go of the fear of judgment from others and ourselves. Don’t judge yourself. Do things that make you happy without thinking more about utility or monetization. Do things that serve no purpose other than to make you feel joy. Because life is just that, it’s not doing things to tick boxes but rather feeling emotions like the joy that makes us feel connected to everything.

  1. Go back to basics

We don’t always realize it, but we don’t allow ourselves to be happy. Yes, it is not our priority. Indeed, our priority is to build a life that seems perfect to us and that seems perfect in the eyes of others. In other words, on a daily basis, we do things not to be happy but to pretend to be.

So, succeeding in life means coming face to face with yourself and asking yourself: what if my priority was to be happy, really to be happy? What would I do differently? Close your eyes and think only in terms of happiness. Forget the others, the judgments, and forget what you believe to be serious or futile. Just follow your happiness.

  1. Allow yourself to do “anything” 

Too often, we believe that life is all mapped out and when we are at an impasse, we feel very bad. Yes, we blame ourselves because we think we made a bad choice. Moreover, we are afraid of the judgment of others: what will they say when I turn back? 

To live a happy and successful life is to understand and accept that life is a multitude of paths we can walk or not, which we can begin and not end. In fact, succeeding in life means accepting that we are not like this or like that, and we are all at once. 

So, it’s time to allow ourselves to follow our joy and do what seems like “anything.” That is to say, to allow ourselves to do things without really knowing why we are doing them or even where they will lead us.