Pumping Dancing Moves That Will Make Your Ceremony

Pumping Dancing Moves That Will Make Your Ceremony

As many of you know, the bride and groom have a lot on their plate. They are trying to coordinate with all of the other vendors, they are planning every detail down to the last minute, and then there is that one thing: The Wedding Dance. 

It can be an overwhelming experience for most people in attendance because it’s not something everyone does often. But don’t worry! In this blog post, we will share some fun dance moves that will make your ceremony more enjoyable without having to hire a choreographer!

The first dance move we have for you is called the “Butterfly Kiss.”

It’s super cute and romantic! You will need both hands to do this one. Have your partner stand in front of you with their arms outstretched on either side of them. This position creates a pretty butterfly shape, hence the name.

Then slowly walk towards each other while swinging your upper bodies back and forth until you are close enough to kiss, then lean forward into that butterfly kiss!

The “Boogie” is a fun and funky way to dance.

The Boogie can be done solo or with a partner, but it’s typically performed by many people at once! This one involves lots of hand motions so have your hands out in front of you.

Now, make large circles around your body while simultaneously stepping from side to side. If you are dancing with someone else then switch places as the song changes tempo!

The “Bounce” is another great dance move.

This one requires two people, but it’s like a game! One person has to stand in the center of the circle and bounce up and down while facing forward.

The other dancers must jump over them without touching their feet on the ground or they are out! It’s fun because you can’t touch your feet to the ground as well so there is always someone coming at you from all around.

The “Bump” is a simple one.

All you need for this dance move is your partner and some space! This step involves moving in towards each other while keeping your back straight, then pushing away again to create that bumping motion. You can do the same thing with just yourself if you want to practice too!

The “Lift” is a fun one! It’s perfect for the last dance of the night.

One person stands on their toes and puts their hands out in front of them as high up as they can go while the other person will hold onto them so that they are lifted into mid-air!

The person holding will move in a circle with their partner until they are tired and then it’s time to put them down!

The “Repeat” is another great one for the last dance of the night.

This step requires two people but can be done solo as well. One person stands on their toes while lifting both hands up high into mid-air while the other lifts onto their shoulders like they would if picking someone up from lying on the ground or being thrown over an obstacle (think Rocky!).

Then, you step together so that your right leg steps out front followed by your left foot stepping in front once again. Then back to the starting position where the right foot goes forward, left foot follows behind, etc. You just repeat this movement back and forth.

The “Hip Swing” is the last dance step we have for you today!

This move can be done solo or with a partner, but it’s typically performed by many people at once. All you need to do is swing your hips from side to side in large motions just like you are shaking something off of them! Make sure that when you pull back away from each other that your hands stay close so there is always some contact between partners.

This creates more momentum for larger hip swings too! If this movement becomes easy then try swinging one leg behind the other while doing the same motion on both sides as well. It should look like a gigantic wave going back and forth across the room!

The “Hand Clap” is a fun one to do as well.

This move requires two people and only involves clapping your hands together! All you need to do for this one is stand in front of each other with your arms outstretched towards the ground, then lift them up so that they are parallel to the floor before clapping on either side.

You can also catch both wrists behind their back or clasped together above their head if you prefer those positions instead! Try practicing these moves with friends or family during dinner parties too; it will make things super entertaining for all involved!”

Your wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event. So why not make your first dance at the reception unforgettable? Our blog has given you a lot of ideas to do so, get those moves out there! Hope you liked this blog for more such blogs check Campusdoc.