Most Common AC Maintenance Tips To Boost Your Unit’s Performance

Most Common AC Maintenance Tips To Boost Your Unit’s Performance

If you are having an HVAC system in your house, then it should be maintained regularly. This will ensure the smooth and efficient running of your air conditioning system. An efficient air conditioning system ensures comfort, good health, and safety. For efficient AC maintenance, hire an HVAC repair technician in San Diego. Want expert services for AC maintenance at your house?

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As you know the air conditioning system works by controlling the humidity. However, this humidity control helps in the prevention of mildew as well as mold growth. Any individual would be able to protect their respiratory health by limiting the growth of mildew as well as mold.

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Also, if you are planning for DIY maintenance, worry no more. Here are some of the best and effective AC maintenance tips which will ensure the smooth running of your air conditioning system.

Tried And Tested AC Maintenance Tips To Boost Your HVAC System Performance

·  Changing Your Air Filters

Air filters in your HVAC system capture pet hair, dust along with other contaminants. So, these filters are proved to be very effective in preventing those contaminants from interfering with the operation of your system.

Specifically, over time, those filters get clogged up or dirty which can again hamper their functioning. Dirty filters are responsible for icing on your HVAC system. This contributes to pushing the particular unit harder than what is required.

To successfully avoid this issue, you should focus on changing out your air filters once a month. This is considered to be the most effective tip that you should follow for boosting your AC unit.

  • Checking The Drain Line

Your HVAC unit should always drain the excessive moisture from the condenser. The growth of algae can clog this drain line. So, it is essential to check the drain line on a time to time basis.

To prevent this issue, you should focus on opting for preventative maintenance. This is possible by flushing the line from a time to time basis with the help of a little amount of bleach. Just one cup of bleach is considered to be enough to solve the purpose.

But, if you find mold or algae has almost plugged the line, then you should focus on using a basic dry or wet vacuum cleaner to effectively suck away the obstruction. However, the expert maintenance services are recommended to avoid mistakes. To get HVAC repair experts in San Diego, find out the highly rated HVAC duct cleaning professionals in San Diego here.

  • Clearing Away Bushes And Plants

Free-flowing air always ensures proper running or functioning of your HVAC system. The flow of air is obstructed by the growth of grass, flower beds, bushes, or weeds specifically around the unit. This contributes to pushing the unit harder than what is required.

So, you should always focus on clearing away any of the plants which tend to grow near your HVAC unit. Also, make sure that your HVAC unit receives enough air. Not only that, but this also ensures more efficient appliances for your household needs.

  • Getting A Programmable Thermostat

A lot of the people leave their HVAC system turned on for the entire day. They do this to cool an empty apartment or house. But, in some cases, mistakes can be there when some people simply forget to adjust the thermostat.

If this is done repeatedly, then it can shorten the working life of your AC unit. Thereby, you will end up spending a lot of money on solving this type of issue.

For this, one of the best things is to opt for a programmable thermostat that tends to effectively remove the human element. You should focus on programming the thermostat for the temperatures which you want at different times of the day.

This helps you to save your hard-earned money. Not only that, but you would also be able to effectively extend the working life of the appliances by performing this particular approach.

  • Scheduling A Professional Maintenance

An air conditioning unit is susceptible to several issues if it is not handled properly. Some of the problems are even very difficult to understand.

So, whenever you find something is wrong with your HVAC unit, you should schedule professional maintenance. They will focus on checking the below-mentioned things in your HVAC unit:

  • Ø  Duct integrity
  • Ø  Coolant levels
  • Ø  Mechanical components
  • Ø  Electrical components

So, calling a professional service once or twice a year would ensure that your AC unit stays efficient and functions properly all around the year. Want to call HVAC repair specialists in San Diego? Go nowhere, here’s the list of top HVAC duct cleaning companies in San Diego.

  • Avoiding Usage Of Your Oven And Dryer

It is very important to avoid using your oven and dryer specifically during the hottest daytime. If you run your dryer, then this will lead to a flow of warm air in your house.

On the other hand, if you are using your oven, then this will add extra warm air to your house. Therefore, it will affect your AC unit and let this appliance work harder.

  • Keeping Blinds And Curtains Closed

During the hottest time of the day, you should keep the blinds and curtains closed. This is the time when the direct sun enters your house.

So, by keeping your blinds or curtains closed, you would be able to prevent heat entering into your house. Thereby, it cannot hamper the effectiveness of an HVAC system.

  • Keeping Away Lamps Or Appliances That Produce Heat

You should always keep away lamps or any appliances that produce heat from the thermostat of your HVAC system. If you fail to do this, then your thermostat will notify you that the air in your house is required to be cooled. Thereby, it causes the overall system to specifically run for a longer duration. So, the HVAC unit has to work harder than necessary.

Final Words

So, now you know the most common and effective AC maintenance tips that help to boost the performance of your air conditioning unit.

It goes without saying that proper maintenance of your air conditioning unit plays a very important role in improving its overall performance. Whenever you come across such issues, you should focus on taking the help of air conditioning repair or maintenance services professionals.

If you are finding an HVAC maintenance specialist, you can take a look over here to get HVAC duct cleaning experts in San Diego.

But if the issue is small or you are well-versed with the best techniques, then you can even manage the overall maintenance of your AC unit by yourself only. Good DIY maintenance helps to ensure proper drainage as well as the flow of air. For this, a programmable thermostat will make sure that you do not run the AC unit more than required.