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Know All About Cockroaches Species, Life Cycle & Problems

Before the human evidence in the world, it’s detected on basis of fossil records cockroaches have remained very little modified for two hundred million years. More than 4000 different species of cockroaches are found in the world.

Those cockroaches area unit currently classed as pests that originated in tropical climates. However, have currently become cosmopolitan in temperate zones, having been distributed by business activities. Therefore, Cockroaches need to control by a professional pest control service provider. Today I’m wanna going to discuss various species of cockroaches their life cycle, behavior, and problems created.

The cockroach species ordinarily found in India are:

  • Oriental Cockroach (Blatta orientalis)

Males area unit just about 25mm long, females just about 32mm long. Shiny and extremely dark brown, nearly black in look, nymphs (immatures) are also reddish-brown.

They’re poor climbers on swish surfaces, which can limit their distribution at intervals in a building.

They seem to be cold tolerant therein they’re typically found outside buildings, in drains, gardens, sewers, external masonry, etc, an element that ought to be remembered once-dominant them.

  • German Cockroach (Blattella germanica)

The size of an adult German Cockroach is around  15mm. The adult is brown with 2 dark virtually parallel longitudinal stripes on their prenatal shield.

  • They’re found throughout buildings.

However, show a preference for heat wet areas. They’re smart climbers, having the ability to climb vertical glass or covered surfaces.

Associate degree infestation of those cockroaches is often quickly established once they need to be entered any premises.

  • Brown-Banded roach (supella longipalpa)

This roach is tiny, brown in color, and is usually mistaken for the German roach. This cockroach desires hot conditions to survive. The size of the species is around adult size 13mm. It prefers 27°C and over. However, it’s turning into a lot of common as a tormentor in India. It’s generally found in lightweight switches, electrical appliances, motor housings, etc.

American Cockroach (Periplaneta americana)

  • Adult size 34-53mm; the adult is is chromatic in color and is signed.
  • Male wings extend on the far side of the tip of the abdomen; feminine wings don’t.
  • There’s a pale brown to the xanthous band round the edges of the pronotum. This species isn’t well established in India.
  • It’s not as cold tolerant as roach and cockroaches.

Typical infestations in India area unit port areas, wherever it’s introduced via ships. Sites troubled to embody food premises, greenhouses, zoos, massive centrally heated wet environments, etc.

Egg Case (Oothecae) Development in Cockroaches

  • Oriental Cockroach (blatta orientalis)

The female Oriental cockroaches carry the oothecae for regarding thirty hours, once which period she deposits them, dropping or attaching them close to a food supply. every ootheca contains sixteen eggs that hatch in just about six weeks, however, this era is also greatly extended in cool conditions. during this state of affairs, the egg case represents a time bomb waiting to hatch associate degreed continue an infestation.

German Cockroach (blattella germanica)

The ootheca, containing 35-40 eggs, is carried by the feminine till it’s at intervals one to 2 days of hatching. tiny first arthropod nymphs emerge from the ootheca and simply infest small cracks and crevices within the immediate space.

American Cockroach (Periplaneta americana)

The female deposits oothecae many hours or up to four days before the first instars emerge.

The ootheca, containing 10-15 eggs, is born or affixed to an acceptable surface. Sometimes in an exceedingly pocket of high wetness close to a food supply.

General Biology and Behavior

Cockroaches area unit all-devouring. additionally to standard foodstuffs, they’re going to prey on a large variety of organic matter together with alternative cockroaches.

Their activity peaks throughout hours of darkness. They exhibit incomplete metamorphosis; the juvenile stages or nymphs gibe the adults.

Every cockroach molts many times in its life cycle producing a bigger nymph and eventually molts to the adult stage.

Some species-area units are winged within the adults, others might have reduced wings or wing buds. Once wings area unit gift, they’re leatherlike and venose.

The females of these cockroaches classed as pests all turn out egg cases or oothecae, that contain eggs. The Oothicae hatch within the case from that nymphal cockroaches emerge.

During the daytime, cockroaches pay most of their time in harbourages classified along.

This behavior is influenced by them finding an equivalent appropriate harborage. 

They additionally turn out associate degree aggregation secretion, which could be a chemical traveler to alternative cockroaches of an equivalent species, UN agency responds by being drawn to the supply of the secretion.

As this secretion is a gift in cockroaches also will be problems to areas antecedently contaminated by cockroaches. The event of cockroaches is littered with food quality, humidity, temperature, and day length.

Food Contamination Problems

  • Cockroaches foul their setting with regurgitated food and taint materials with their characteristic smell.
  • The air in troubled premises might contain fragments of their exoskeletons and roach waste.
  • Cockroaches additionally contaminate food directly as they move from filth to food indiscriminately and area unit.
  • So involved within the mechanical transmission of the many pathogens, like those inflicting gastrointestinal disorder and wound infections.

Because residual allergens will stay as active contaminants for a few times following the treatment, a radical cleansing regime ought to be distributed later on. A good pest control company can provide free pest inspection cum pest audit and control your cockroach problem permanently.

Author Bio: Avijit Ghosh

Avijit Ghosh completed his Masters in Chemistry from the University of Calcutta and undergone his higher studies of entomology from Indian Grain Storage Management and Research Institute (I.G.M.R.I.), Hapur, UP.

The author has more than twelve years of field experience since 2009. He worked as a certified entomologist in various reputed organizations. Now he is a start-up entrepreneur of Mom’s Smile and Goodbye Pest, A unit of Aknamos Home Care Pvt. Ltd.

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