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Christmas gifts 2020: the complete list of gift ideas for Christmas

idea for christmas gifts | kids christmas gifts	- letsaskme

The time has come to buy Christmas gifts for friends and family. To avoid the crazy last-minute races and enjoy your holidays in total relaxation, the ideal is to shop online. Not familiar with online shopping? Don’t panic: here is a complete guide with lots of suggestions for 2020 Christmas gifts!

Let’s face it: most of us boil down to a few days before December 25th to buy Christmas presents, turning what should be a time of delightful shopping into a crazy race against time! This year is the time for a change, we must try to buy gifts for the whole family and friends as early as possible, in order to face the holidays with the deserved relaxation. How to do it? The best way is to shop online, obviously on reliable and well-stocked e-commerce sites, where you can find an entire category dedicated to gift ideas for everyone, without going crazy from one shop to another. Now you can find everything online, from appliances to clothes, from books to jewelry. Those who love well-being and self-care, for example, will be able to take advantage of many offers available on the Amazon store this Christmas.

Christmas gifts 2020: tips for the perfect gift for friends

idea for christmas gifts | kids christmas gifts	- letsaskme

Let’s start our overview with Christmas gifts for friends, which are the most difficult to please. Obviously, when you choose gifts for your best friends you have to adjust according to your budget and the number of gifts to give, if the party is very large, you cannot spend huge sums on each friend! If, on the other hand, you are a small group, why not spend a little more? Here are three gift ideas for every need.

Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 camera

idea for christmas gifts | kids christmas gifts	- letsaskme

If you can spend a little more for your friends, you could opt for the Instax Mini 9 Instant Camera, very useful for taking pictures of your group outings, to print immediately, see and review, not just post on Instagram!

Travel beauty case

idea for christmas gifts | kids christmas gifts	- letsaskme

For friends who love to travel, but go into crisis when they have to put all their make-up and cosmetics in their hand luggage, we recommend this super roomy beauty case by Carttiya. Thanks to the numerous compartments and compact design, in a very small space it is possible to put everything a beauty-addicted needs when traveling, from shampoo to make-up, in perfect order. It’s very nice and cheap too!

Game of Thrones music box

idea for christmas gifts | kids christmas gifts	- letsaskme

For Game of Thrones (and Jon Snow) fans who can’t wait for the new and final season, we recommend this decorated cardboard music box, which reproduces the theme song of the series. Perfect for moments of nostalgia!

2020 Christmas gifts for best friend

idea for christmas gifts | kids christmas gifts	- letsaskme

A special friend, who has always been close to you and is like a sister to you, deserves a special gift. If you have been friends for a long time, it is difficult not to repeat yourself with gifts, we know, so we suggest you choose something unique, like a trip to do together, or a small jewel that reminds her of your bond. Here are some Christmas gifts for your best friend:

Gift box for 2 days of fun

idea for christmas gifts | kids christmas gifts	- letsaskme

With the Emozione3 gift box for 2 Days of Fun, you can choose from 475 stays with 1 night, breakfast, and leisure activities in farmhouses and hotels for two people. Of course, you have to go together, boyfriends/husbands banished!

Brooch symbol of friendship

idea for christmas gifts | kids christmas gifts	- letsaskme

Bracelets, rings and necklaces are gifts that are a little too inflated to establish an important bond like friendship. How about a nice brooch instead? This Likalla enamel is designed just for best friends: two separate pins, two hands that together form a heart. Obviously, a pin goes to your friend and one stays with you.

Organizer for cosmetics

A cosmetic organizer is a right gift for a make-up addicted friend who has so many tricks that she can never find what she needs! In this way, she will be able to keep everything in order in a small space and it will also be easier for you to borrow (or rather steal) that lipstick that suits you so much.

Christmas gifts for sisters

idea for christmas gifts | kids christmas gifts	- letsaskme

Let’s now move on to Christmas gifts for the sisters, which obviously must like you too because it is useless to deny it, you will have to share them! From relaxing weekends to kits that help plan your days, here are some original ideas that are sure to be appreciated:

Smartbox Break Wellness

There’s nothing worse than having to live with a stressed-out, grumpy sister, is there? To solve the problem, you could give her a Smartbox Pausa Benessere box, with which she can choose from over 700 wellness and beauty treatments for one person, to be done in many facilities throughout Italy.

Recipe planning kit

We found the perfect gift for sisters who have had a fight with the kitchen and who end up eating junk food on the fly every day: the recipe planning kit from Me & My Big Ideas. It includes a diary with lots of recipes for every day of the year, sticky sheets, magnetic bookmarks and blocks of sheets for various notes. Even the most clumsy in the kitchen will finally be able to eat healthy food!

Modern ladder shelf

Are you looking for a way to live peacefully with your sister and her disorder? Give her this very practical and modern ladder shelf from SoBuy. It’s perfect for books, knick-knacks, records, cosmetics and even clothes, to fold up and put away on shelves. In one go, you will have a happy sister and a tidy room!

Christmas gift ideas for girlfriend

Choosing a Christmas gift for your girlfriend is not easy. What we suggest is to take into account the type of relationship you have: if you have been together recently, you don’t have to feel obliged to give big gifts, just a little thought is enough. If, on the other hand, your relationship is long-lasting, think of something romantic, like a day of your own.

Christmas box with assorted chocolates

This romantic red box with a blue bow and Christmas decorations is ideal to amaze those you love. Inside there are many delicious chocolates with assorted flavors: milk, dark, stuffed, and hazelnut.

Smartbox A day for us

This Smartbox gift box allows you to choose a sports experience, a wellness treatment or a tasting for two people, among more than 2000 different activities throughout Italy. The perfect way to take a day to yourself and have a new experience.

Corkboard with world map

This cork board is the ideal gift if you are a couple of travelers because you can mark the places you have visited together with the flag pins and pin down travel memories, such as photos, postcards, transport tickets, etc. A cheap but very romantic and original gift idea!

Christmas gift ideas 2020: tips for an original gift to give to aunts

If you are going to spend the holidays with the whole family, you will have to give Christmas presents to everyone, including aunts. Obviously, if you have a lot of aunts, small thoughts will be enough, the important thing is to have something to unwrap together under the tree. If, on the other hand, you have an aunt you are particularly attached to, you could opt for something more important, like a Smartbox. Let’s see some ideas:

Animal shaped tea infusers

Here is an inexpensive Christmas gift, but also adorable and functional: the kit of infusers for tea and herbal teas in the shape of very nice animals. The gift box contains 5 infusers, with the appearance of a kitten, a duck, an owl, a beaver and a hippo.

Sins of Gluttony Smartbox

Aunts who love good food will surely appreciate this Smartbox Peccati di Gola gift box, which offers a food and wine experience for two people to choose from among more than 1700 tastings. A gift of great effect.

Kitchen blackboard

Is your aunt a bit forgetful and fills the kitchen with post-it notes to remember a thousand things to do? Give her this delightful shabby chic style slate, perfect for jotting down the shopping list and all the daily tasks.

Perfect Christmas gifts for mothers-in-law The relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law is not always idyllic, we know, but Christmas is the right occasion to improve relationships and a nice gift helps to make everything easier. Here are some ideas that will make even the most difficult mother-in-law happy:

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