How to Use Personalized Mugs for Promotions?

How to Use Personalized Mugs for Promotions?

Can you imagine your day without getting any tea or coffee? Well, without them it is difficult to function. Without any beverages, your morning seems incomplete. But what makes your drinking experience more soothing is that specific little personal cup of yours.

Mugs are one of the most commonly used drinkware worldwide, especially personalized coffee mugs. Drinking your favorite hot tea/chocolate or cold coffee from your favorite mug lifts your mood and gives you an enriching experience.

Customized mugs are of low production costs which yields you a lot of customer base with your brand promotion. This drinkware product is one of the best, and most popular promotional products for giveaways in any marketing event.

Mugs in general are useful products. It can be used at home, during work in the office or anywhere else. You can use a mug design software to design your mugs and personalize them for your customers.

You can create customized mugs that are useful in daily life. These mugs are used in saloons, bakeries, coffee shops and in many different places these days.

It is a branded promotional product that helps you boost your brand recognition. To design such personalized mugs, you require an Online Product Designer tool that can help you do that.

To know how you can use these personalized mugs for brand promotion, continue reading this article.

Giveaway Prizes on Social Media Platforms:

With social media booming, you can use it to your advantage. It is a great way to attract traffic for your brand. Since it is used and loved by many people, you can use it for your brand promotion. You can use your personalized mugs for online giveaway prizes. Also, you can get more eyes on your mug if you can print the usernames of the person to whom you are giving away these mugs. It gives a more personalized touch to your giveaway winners if you print their Instagram or Twitter username on it. It looks more personal giveaway and helps you stand out amongst your competitors.

Freebies and Welcome Gifts Provide Incentives:

Everyone loves freebies. No one has ever said no to freebies. It makes you feel connected to the brand on a deeper level. And a personalized touch is just a cherry on the cake that enhances this experience.

You can use your mug design software and give personalized mugs as mementos or as a token of love to your employees on their work anniversaries. You can use freebies as promotional gifts for your employees. You can give these mugs to new joiners or to the new trainees.

The merchandise looks both personal as well as professional and a thoughtful gesture, creating a positive tone.

Serve Customers With Your Mugs in Hotels and Bars:

People use cups all the time, either for hot coffee or tea. Everyone has her/his own personal mug. People can tag your brand on social media while using your products at diners, bistros, bars, hotels, or resorts, which helps your brand reach a larger audience online.

  • Also, you can use these venues to organize your office clients’ meetings. This gives a positive tone to your start. And helps you create a good impression on your client.
  • You can use these venues for your team-building activities for lunch or dinners. You can use these venues for your annual function.
  • Such venues with your personalized mugs increase your brand visibility and help you explore new customers.

Give It to Social Media Influencers:

Break the internet and hit the sales with Instagram posts. YouTube or TikTok videos or just a reel made by a famous influencer using your mug can create a huge spike in the number of your audience. With a big influencer comes a big audience base to whom you can promote your product. You can start small by paying influencers per post. Later, you can add unboxing and unpacking videos of your mugs by them. And at last move to commission-only rewards. You need to choose quality influencers only with whom you can collaborate. You can also go with nano influencers and through the art of gifting gain more customers. You can give them free merch as well.

Feature Personalized Mugs in Promotional Material:

Another effective way is through product placement. With hosting and sponsoring an event, you can always place the coffee mug with your brand name and logo on it to serve the guests. This helps in brand recognition. And your personalized mugs can get more visibility to the audience or attendees of the event. This creates a subtle but impactful impression on the people attending the event.

You can even serve the evening high tea after an event in your personalized mug. This will also help you gain more customers.

In Contests Prizes:

In colleges or in other offices where you take seminars, workshops or just host a program then you can use your mugs there. As a part of event ending activity, you can organize a small activity and gift the winners with your mugs. This way they can use the mug and remember your brand each time they use the mug. 


If you have not tried promoting your brand with personalized things, especially coffee mugs, then you are missing out on a lot of your potential customers. Mugs are among the most popular promotional products.

Not only personalized mugs help you improve customer loyalty, but also help you with marketing your business. It helps by generating new customer leads, which further helps you improve your trading ROI.

Also, personalized mugs are appreciated for the value it provides to the customers. It makes marketing and research easy. It makes your brand unique to outstand your competitors. 

It helps you with daily visibility of your brand to your customers. To design personalized items, you need an Online Product Designer tool to help you customize your products, which helps your brand catch more eyes.