Peanuts Buyers In US

How To Find The Peanuts Buyers In US?

The United States is the world’s fourth-biggest peanut producer (2020) and exports around 25-30% of its production to the rest of the world. The southern states of the US are called peanut factories as they cultivate nearly all the ground nuts produced in the US. At the same time, most of the peanuts grown in the US are domestically utilized. 

Furthermore, the US imports different varieties of peanuts from China, India, and other Southern Asian countries. The statistical reports of the US’s peanut imports reveal that the US imports peanuts worth $ 1 million dollars every month.  

Therefore, the peanut market in the US is promising and beneficial for the local as well as international peanut producers and trades. If you are a peanut producer or seller looking for peanut buyers in US, then this blog will guide you to find the best peanut buyers in America.

Why Is The US The Best Market For Peanut Suppliers?

The US peanuts market is one of the biggest peanuts markets in the world. Peanuts are used for producing several peanut-based edible products like peanut butter, peanut candy, salted nuts, seed oil, etc. 

The four main types of peanuts supplied to the US are: 

  • Runner 
  • Spanish 
  • Virginia 
  • Valencia 

The production and selling of these products help in the robust economic growth of the US economy, and the peanut suppliers and peanuts buyers make great profits as well.

The United States is already called the Peanut Industry, which is likely to expand more in the forthcoming years. Thus, more and more peanut suppliers and peanut importers are rushing into the US market to make profits and grow their businesses. 

What Are The Best Platforms To Find Peanut Buyers In US

Many trade organizations and data research forums have started to provide import-export and business about peanut and its products. Some of the best platforms are discussed below.

  • Trademo

Trademo is a global trade data research forum that primarily provides global import-export-trading data and many premium trading tools. Among the many tools and services it offers, the peanut importers’ data and exporters’ data can be used to find the best buyers across the US. 

Apart from this, Trademo’s consulting service can guide you in choosing buyers and negotiating with them. This consultation also helps you understand the conventional processes of selling or trading that can help you save imposed taxes and duties. 

Trademo also allows you to compare and evaluate prices offered by the peanuts buyers. The AI-powered functions such as short-listing and sorting help you to distinguish the best buyers among others. 

  • The US AgMRC (Agricultural Marketing Resource Center)

It is a government forum funded by the US Department Of Agriculture. It provides you with all the agricultural-related data and the marketing and selling databases as well. This database also includes the profiles of peanuts buyers and sellers.

Furthermore, they also publish timely market reports that can be used as a reference for buying-selling prices and trading figures. 

  • US National Peanut Board

The US National Peanut Board is a non-government organization that aims to assist peanut farmers and works for their welfare. This NGO provides local and international buyers databases to the farmers which are available for the people in business and tycoons as well. 

In addition to this, this NGO organizes local gatherings to promote peanut farmers and sellers to do research, innovation, and marketing in the field. They also assist budding sellers with promoting efforts and help find better buyers.

List Of Some Major Peanut Buyers In US

To help you start your journey of finding the best peanut buyers in US, here is a concise list of the leading peanut importers in the US.

Peanut Importers HS Codes
Amazon.Com Services Incorporated
  • 95030000 
  • 94036080 
  • 9503000071
Liberty Procurement Company
  • 940490 
  • 94036080 
  • 940360
Uniqlo Usa Llc
  • 610910 
  • 611020 
  • 620342
Summit Import Corporation
  • 210690 
  • 210390 
  • 190219
Empire International Food Corporation
  • 190219 
  • 210390 
  • 190531
Ingredients Distribution International
  • 200811 
  • 120242 
  • 23050000
Costadelsol Enterprises Ll
  • 190531 
  • 07133340 
  • 210690
Belmont International Trading Corporation
  • 210390 
  • 04029110 
  • 040299

Why Is The US Importers Data The Ideal Way To Find Peanuts Buyers?

The importers’ data exclusively focuses on buyers of specific goods and services for respective countries. In the same way, the US peanuts importers database is a collective source of information for peanuts traders. This data provides you with peanut importers’ name, their contact details, recent and upcoming peanut shipments, and much more crucial peanut trading information. 

Furthermore, this data can be used for business growth as well. People in business can evaluate the market trends and use them for their peanut trading advantages. Various platforms such as Trademo provide you with legitimate peanuts importers’ data. 

In addition to this, their business tools, such as real-time shipment tracker and global trade volume records, help you track your competitor’s shipment and deals. This, in all, allows you to surpass your competitors and make great profits with the best peanut buyers in the US and globally as well.