House Cleaning Tips for Seniors

House Cleaning Tips for Seniors That Will Make Their Life Easier

No matter how young you are, keeping your home nice and tidy is a challenge. But when you are older, keeping up with housework is a huge challenge. Even though this is true, there are many ways you can help your seniors stay on top of cleaning and have their home be a comfortable and clean space.

A Long Broom for Cleaning Hard-to-Reach Places

The first and simplest thing you can do for a senior is to provide them with a long broom. It will not only help them reach places that are harder to get to, but it will also help with their back as they won’t need to bend down to sweep the floors. It will save them energy, time and back pain.

Use Your Dishwasher in New Ways

Many people don’t consider the fact that a dishwasher can be used to wash more than your dishes. You can use them to rinse vegetables like potatoes, asparagus or green beans. You can also wash air vents and knobs. It is much faster and easier to put them through a cycle than doing it by hand.

Use Bins for Storing Items

If you are struggling with having a lot of unorganized clutter, storing bins is the best thing to have. They are great for containing items that you don’t have the time to put away during a busy day. It will also help save a lot of time during basing house chores and avoid any major clutter from occurring.

Get the Right Tools for Cleaning

Nowadays, many innovative products and tools will make cleaning a house much easier and faster, which is practical for a senior. When you are cleaning as a senior, you should try as many innovative tools that will make cleaning easier as you can. Taking shortcuts will make things much faster and easier.

Ask for Assistance

Even though it is not something that a senior will do easily, asking for help will make things so much easier and your house cleaner. Ask your family members or friends to help you out with the chores that you are struggling to do or look for professional help, such as the Crystal Maids or your local cleaning crew.

Label Bins in the Fridge to Stay Organized

Nothing is more frustrating than your groceries being spoiled because of not being organized and something getting pushed to the back. That is easily fixed simply by having bins and labeling them. When you have labeled boxes, you will be able to see the times clearly and eat things in the right order so they don’t get wasted.

Do Not Have Harmful Chemicals

Many seniors are not ready to accept that their vision and memory are not the best. Having a house filled with harmful chemicals that can get mixed up with their medicine, natural remedies or left unwiped on surfaces is not safe. On top of that, having your house cleaned with harsh commercial cleaners will hurt your health. The best option for cleaning a home is by making natural cleaning products such as lemons, white vinegar and baking soda. They are all just as effective as any commercial cleaner is. It is just not toxic for the environment and the person using them.

Vacuum Instead of Sweeping

There is sometimes the need to sweep your whole house before vacuuming. Not only that but vacuums nowadays are made to vacuum up anything from dirt, pet hair, loose debris, dust particles, pollen, hair and many more large things. It will be a great thing to help with having to bend down and sweep for quite a while and then go over it with a vacuum. It will also prevent allergies from being in the air.

Do a Little Bit Each Day

There are no rules that say you need to do all of your cleaning in one day. That is especially true if you are a senior. Take your time. You are not rising anywhere. Divide your chores into days, so it is less overwhelming and creates a routine that works best for you. Sticking to doing a little bit each way will prevent you from leaving a half-cleaned-up mess because you got tired and then discouraged. Tackling things bit by bit will make everything easier.

Trying to keep a house germ-free and clean can be a challenge for many seniors. But with these tips, that doesn’t have to be the case.