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Brothers Are Just Born to Bother Sisters

Sibling relationships are the most volatile and joyful relations amongst all others. Brothers and sisters are, thus, the best friends since birth. The bond they share can’t be described in words. Brotherhood and sisterhood teach each other with the best social skills no other teacher can generate. More intriguingly, the effects of this bond echo throughout their lives. They connect emotionally, socially, and cognitively, and know each other at their best. 

Siblings, therefore, serve as a source of comfort for each other. Consequently, Sister, in this relationship, plays a very vital role as she is the most caring one. One such bond was reflected by Simmi and her brother Gaurav via Faverou. Faverou is a beautiful opportunity to send customized messages to your loved ones via renowned celebrities. You can request celebs in the shoutout for birthday wishes, anniversary wishes, wedding gifts, nudges, inspiration, or anything else you want to. So, here is a superb example in showcasing how  Faverou helped Simmi and her friends communicate with their brother, Gaurav, with the help of Manjari Phadnis. 

Manjari started with a cheerful greeting to Gaurav by referring to his nickname, Ullu. Then she begins with the message that Simmi and her friends wanted to convey to Gaurav. The main agenda they wanted to bring was how deadly and uncool smoking is. She added her views that it doesn’t matter whether we smoke in front of people or whether otherwise, its injurious and not cool in any way. She requested him with the utmost politeness to quit smoking as it is harmful to his health and the ones surrounding him. She emphasis that smoking does not look cool at all. She also emphasized him to quit smoking as soon as possible. 

Simmi also wanted to convey to Gaurav via Manjarithat he must stop flirting with her friends. Simmi wants him to understand that it isn’t funny in any sense. She says that it is incredibly annoying and not at all cool when he flirts with her friends. Manjaristarts with her views on flirting that many girls like flirting, and they also enjoy being flirted with sometimes. This time the ball was in Gaurav’s court as Manjari took his side. She encourages him to continue flirting with whosoever he wants. The only thing that needed to be taken care of while flirting is that there should not be a harassment pinch. She exclaims that the flirting is acceptable as long as it is a healthy kind of flirting. She asks him to continue being who he is and asks him to be the best version of himself. She ended the message by greeting him with lots of love and a hilarious smile.

Manjari then replied to Simmi and her friends, namely Nikki, Mayra, Tracy, and Jeena, from Gaurav’s behalf in another shoutout video. He wants them to know that he does not smoke at all. He also clearly wants to mention via Manjari that he does not flirt with every friend of hers. She confronted that somebody in Simmi’s group is mutually flirting him back. She confesses that Gaurav likes her too. Manjari knows the girl’s name, but she wants it to be a secret between Gaurav and her. She asks Simmi to be a good sister and help his brother. Also, Gaurav mentions again that he does not smoke. He wonderfully replies that he will have to start smoking to quit smoking. 

So, this is a precise instance of how Feverous can help you deliver your messages by your loved celebrities to your beloved family and friends. There are too many opinions that we want to convey to our loved ones but want to make it warmer than some expensive store-bought gift. We always want good and best for our loved ones & always want to make them happy, so it is now easy to surprise anyone through Faverou.

Hence, make the utmost use of this excellent opportunity offered by Faverou. All you need to do is to visit faverou.com and book a shoutout with a personalized message. 

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