Best Restaurants for Birthday Party in Gurgaon

At times when people are so busy with their work lives and hardly have enough time to value their own presence or just have a chill day with friends and family, it is through certain important occasions that we are forced to take out some time for ourselves and have a get together for own good. One of the major reasons behind festivities and celebrations is to bring people together and a human being is a social animal and if he/she does not get the least time to socialize with loved ones around them, it is impossible for them to maintain a healthy personal, social and even a professional lifestyle. Birthday is a special day for everyone and if you are a resident of Gurgaon then Gurgaon gives plenty of options to celebrate your birthday. The birthday party in Gurgaon can be organized at top restaurants.

Throughout the world, there are numerous numbers of reasons for celebrating that depend upon religion, culture, gender and even interpersonal relationships. One such common mode of festivity is one’s birthday where they get to celebrate themselves, their very presence. It is that time of the year when friends and family around you who really value your very being in their lives help you celebrate it. So birthdays are anyway important, be it yours or someone very close it, birthdays need to be celebrated because it is through these small gestures that we are capable of making people feel special and valued. So if you are someone who has been hunting for a place to celebrate your birthday in Gurgaon or even surprise a friend or a relative with an outstanding and matchless birthday party, say no more. We know how every tiny detail needs to be addressed while organizing a party and especially a birthday party to make sure everything is perfect and that everyone and especially the birthday person is having a good time. Therefore here we are trying to help you with the perfect birthday party venues so that you have the perfect backdrop according to your preference and mood.

1. Soi 7 Pub & Brewery: This place has to be on the bucket list of every party lover. It is absolutely amazing for a small get-together, hangouts with colleagues or even a massive party with a group of friends and family. They have both an indoor and outdoor setting and the décor is very vintage yet modern and cozy. Being a brewery, they obviously have some good quality craft beer and their cuisine is especially skilled with Asian and Pan Asian dishes. If the birthday party that you are organizing includes chilled-out people who just want to have a leisurely time, this is one of the top places in Gurgaon for a birthday party. They have some great music playlist that are definitely an add on to your experience and not only that they even have a live sports screening area where you can enjoy a good match supporting your favorite teams with your friends over some delectable food and drinks.

2.  Molecule air bar: This microbrewery and bar space has been one of the most favorite and popular places considered by the crowd in areas like Gurgaon. This place has consistently been on the top with the best reviews and successfully been able to maintain their quality and the kind of service they provide to their customers. The place is packed with the number of moods and vibes and the customers who are visiting get to choose the kind of ambiance they are looking for and therefore this place has the capability to cater to all kinds of moods and preferences. They have an indoor as well as outdoor seating arrangements and the decor mainly concentrate on the dichotomy of the modern and the vintage. They have some finger licking traditional yet out of the box food preparations that add a kick of drama and their food presentation and their plating is as quirky as the rest of the place. So if you are looking for a new experience while partying but you are also someone who prefers the traditional this is the place where you can experiment. This place will not only amaze you but also it might turn out to be one of your favorite places where you keep visiting again and again with your friends and family.

3. Manhattan bar exchange and brewery: If there is one word that can describe this pub and microbrewery, it is “perfect”. There is nothing in this place that will disappoint you. They have taken every single detail into consideration and have consistently made it to the top by maintaining good qualities in every aspect of their service. Starting from food to the very ambiance of it, Manhattan is perfect for a day out with friends and family and it doesn’t matter what type of occasion it is. Be it corporate parties, relaxing hang out with a small group of friends or just a very massive birthday party, this is the place that you have been looking for. It has been a popular place for quite a while now and it is worth all the hype. They have some of the daintiest dishes and their cuisines range from American to Italian. They have some great music and occasional live gigs and stand up shows that act as a cherry on the cake. In addition to that, the even have an area for live sports creating where you can easily have a relaxing time with your friends by supporting your favorite teams over some well-crafted beer and fantastic ambiance. If that wasn’t enough Manhattan also has a gaming area where you can enjoy playing Xbox with your friends and family. So what are you waiting for the go ahead and book a table now so that you can organize one of the best birthday parties in Gurgaon

4. Imperfecto: this casual dining and bar is a very lively and vibrant space with bright colors and quirky decor pieces. The decorations of this place are sure to amaze anyone and it almost feels like you are in a completely different and absurd place. They are known to have some great vibes and some amazing Bollywood playlist that are sure to make you want to groove and this ambiance also enhances your whole experience. This place is a heaven for party lovers because the place not only has some great live entertainment and live music but also so it makes you dance like no one’s watching. So if you and your friends are a group of people who are die-hard party lovers, this is the place that you should definitely consider for your birthday party in Gurgaon.