All About Carbide Masonry Concrete Drill Bits

All About Carbide Masonry Concrete Drill Bits

We’d like to answer any questions you may have about your project. So Let’s get started. So I have had an Xtrapower Rotary Hammer for many, many years, probably 15 years old, and never have had an issue with the hammer. I do have a bit in it presently. 

This is an SDS Max connection and how you connect this to an SBS. You just pull back the head like that. It’s on a spring and you just drop it in and then it locks that’s in place. I just wanted that connection. There are many different connections, so you have no connection. 

Just goes into a battery drill, a regular core drill. Whatever you have can go into except for an impact wrench. Forget about it. You will not be able to use it. 

This will not fit in one of these. Or splice is another product out there called the line. I believe there’s another SCS type. I haven’t gone past this unit.  It’s such a great unit. I highly recommend the xtra power tools. You can get them at Home Depot or any of your big box stores. You can pick these up, but what I did want to also talk about is different. Call by tips. 

So I have a Milwaukee and a particular one. I believe it is an SDS Max. This is a single head cutter and how you can tell the single head. You can have just one carbide tip. 

Okay. And he’s worked well. However, a quad had moved faster through the concrete. 

These particular drill bits, I guess when you’re drilling down into a hole and you angle it, this is a better drill bit to use than using a quad head. A quad head. You can use the main carbide which goes across, and then it has side cutters. There are two ears on the side and these have two slits in there and the carbides go and these work very efficiently. They probably go into concrete a lot faster. I would like to tell you about faster and grilling. So if you’re doing a lot of drill holes and concrete, it would be a great drill bit to get in a quad. So if you’re doing hundreds of these on a project, this is the way to go. If you’re going for a single, you’re just doing a couple of holes. You’re better off with the single-car buy. 

It is a single carbide tip. That we sell with our Masonry screws or tap on. It is what comes in the box. It is made for a regular drill. You can’t use it in a hammer drill. You can’t use it as an impact wrench. You can’t use it in anything other than a standard drill. These are cheap. You may get about a dozen, depending on what type of concrete and how much PSI the concrete is. You know, most guys who are doing this professionally don’t use this. If you’re just doing a couple of holes, It is the item. Then you don’t need to go out and spend 30, 40, 50,100 dollars on a great fit. These are just smaller SDS. So it’s supposed to show you that you can get SDS all the way down to 5:30 seconds with the same connection. So I’m just showing you the different types of carbide and tips that you can get. These bits I use when I do projects, I use the single cutters, and I use the quad cutters. Depends.