Air conditioner malfunctions

Air conditioner malfunctions & ways to fix them!

Modern AC systems are quite complex devices, the functioning of which depends on several components. Failure of any of them leads, if not to a complete failure of the system, then to the impossibility of performing some of the main functions. You must invite HVAC Davenport to fix all issues with AC systems. Their experts can quickly deal with all problems with the appliance and make them work once again. 

Typical signs of air conditioner malfunctions:

The main signs of failure of any of the air conditioner units are few. If any of them occur, you should immediately disconnect the equipment from the power supply and call HVAC Service Davenport. Well-trained specialists can easily sort out issues with appliances. 

  • The air conditioner does not cool/heat the air

This situation is usually described unambiguously. When the air conditioner is turned on, the operation of the units does not differ from the usual one – the fans and compressor are started, the blinds are set in the set position or swing, and the airflow is pumped. However, the air temperature at the outlet remains the same as in the room or differs from it extremely slightly. It is with this manifestation of malfunctions that users of household split systems encounter most often. HVAC experts can quickly fix this issue. 

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  • The time cycle of the split system is broken

In this case, the air conditioner either turns on with a delay of several seconds to minutes or after switching to the active cooling/heating phase turns off the compressor and fans after a few seconds/tens of seconds. However, there is not enough time in this phase to set the desired room temperature parameters. HVAC experts can solve this problem easily.

  • Condensate leaks from the indoor unit or Freezing of structural elements.

Without detailed diagnostics, it is almost impossible to determine the fault that caused this behavior of the equipment. You should entrust this task to HVAC specialists. They have the appropriate equipment and control and measurement equipment at their disposal, as well as more detailed documentation for each model of air conditioning equipment. So, they can easily fix the problem. 

The air conditioner diagnostic system will help the user understand the problem on their own. Today, it works on almost all models, even the most budget ones. The electronic unit polls the sensors installed in the system and, according to their indicators, in case of problems, issues error codes on the service display or in the form of a combination of LED indicators.

Diagnostics and troubleshooting of air conditioners

It is not an easy task to diagnose failures in the operation of an air conditioner if they are not given out during self–diagnosis, which requires an understanding of the details and components in the equipment. Invite HVAC Davenport IA to troubleshoot all problems with 

  • Cooling Circuit

Perhaps the only emergency in the cooling circuit should be considered depressurization, which causes a refrigerant leak.

Since all elements of the system are connected by metal pipelines, it is almost impossible to ensure the complete tightness of the circuit. At the joints, there is a so-called “regular” freon leak, due to which the air conditioner loses about 8% of the refrigerant during the year. This situation is not problematic and requires only periodic refueling of the system with freon during regular maintenance.

In case of poor-quality installation, destruction of sealing and mounting parts (for example, when a crack appears in the nut fixing the branch pipe), corrosion of highways, additional leak points appear. The consumption of freon exceeds the standard indicators, the air conditioner loses productivity and the speed of temperature gain, freezing of parts is manifested, etc.

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  • Fan

The main malfunctions of fans of outdoor and indoor units of split systems include::

  • Breakage of the blades,
  • Breakage of motor winding conductors,
  • Shaft deformation and jamming.


Signs of a compressor malfunction may include::

  • Delays in turning on the air conditioner,
  • Work cycle violations 
  • The presence of a characteristic hum,

It is not recommended to carry out diagnostics of problems and repairs on your own, even when there is complete confidence in the need to replace parts and components. After replacing them, you will most likely need to adjust the sensors, which is difficult to perform without full access to the capabilities, especially of the electronic unit. Call HVAC Service Davenport in such situations. They will troubleshoot the problem with great ease and comfort.

  • Electronic control unit

In modern systems, it is the complex control electronics that become the most common cause of climate control equipment failures. Such situations are possible due to overvoltages and voltage drops in the supply network, lightning discharges, gross violations of technical documentation requirements (for example, connecting electrical equipment without a ground wire), and so on.

Only HVAC specialists with the appropriate level of training and approvals can accurately determine the presence of problems in the operation of the electronic unit, their nature, and carry out repairs. Contact Furnace Repair Davenport to help you solve the problem.