7 Attractive Romantic Rainy Date Ideas for Couples

As rain starts falling the romantic couple gets the best chance to arrange romantic rainy dates. The rainy splashes are arriving to bloom the hearts of the romantic couple. Couple gets the best chance to shower love to each other using online gift delivery. Many live at home spend some quality time with a partner and some go for outdoor camping. If you are in search of rainy date ideas, let us help you. Here we have rounded up beautiful date ideas to enjoy the rainfall in a romantic way.

1] Warm Up Over Hot Chocolate

In monsoon times outdoor atmosphere becomes more romantic then regular day. It is the best time to enjoy some hot liquor. Many go for drinking a hot coffee. Change this tradition and go to one bakery shop or cafeteria to enjoy hot chocolate and churros. Most of the time you drink coffee but drinking dark chocolate is the sweetest experience you will never forget. Tight hold your partner’s arm, dip churros in hot chocolate and with all love and offer your partner to have a bite of it.

2] Candlelight Dinner in Balcony

Probably this would be one of the most romantic date’s ideas. Chances are zero your partner would not love it. Make some favorite food of him and arrange a dinner table in the balcony. Make sure that rain splashes don’t spoil it. Decorate the table with candles and have some roses around to give a romantic feel. Arrange wine glasses to spice up the dinner table. Play some romantic music and enjoy doing some romantic moves.

3] Backyard Camping

If you are not able to go for outdoor camping, adjust to arrange the night camping in your backyard. Clean your backyard first. Then have some carpets, your tent and go camping. If there is no rain outside burn a fire and enjoy the hotness in cold weather. Also, take some wine bottles, some grilled snacks to enjoy camping.

4] Wine Night

Toasting wine in the rainy season is a nice experience. Many of us have a favorite wine in homes. So you need not do any preparations more. Just set a wine table in the balcony and enjoy tasting the favorite wine. But if you wish to go out, both can enjoy experimenting with a new flavor of wine in a wine club or vineyard.

5] Home Makeover

Change the home look into rain splash. As rain starts falling you see nature is to surround with greens. You can feel the same scenario by decorating the walls with mountain and greens painting. But it can happen only if both are expert in painting. Otherwise, you can paint the walls with favorite colors. This helps to give both good feelings of living in a clean and perfect home.

6] Video Game Tournament

As rain season starts we are bound to stay at the home. Entertain your partner by creating a play zone at a home. Plan to arrange some two-player video game tournament where both can enjoy playing. Have some snacks some hot drinks to enjoy between the video game tournaments. You can also play some puzzle games and board games once you finish this game.

7] Build a fire

If you have a fireplace at home you are able to create a cozy and romantic night at home. Burn some fire, along with taking one blanket and cuddle your partner. The hotness of fire will evoke special sentiments. Enjoy drinking favorite wine together. Have some cupcakes, pastries to enjoy between. If you are not able to meet your favorite wine at a nearby location, buy wine online from our online shop.

Rain season is call the most romantic season of year. Love birds try to go in outdoor location to enjoy the cloudy and romantic atmosphere. Many get allergies in rainy seasons but they do enjoy the rain season by arranging a date night at home. It helps to couple enjoy the rainy season romantically without wetting clothes. If you have more idea of it you can share it with us in the below comment section.

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