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6 Useful Tips to Design Enticing Vape Cartridge Packaging

The world of vaping is quickly evolving. Vape cartridges are one of the most popular vaping products on the market today. As a result, more and more people are using vape cartridges, which means that the market has grown exponentially in just a few short years. 

They’re also a great revenue generator for vape cartridge businesses. It is important to design enticing packaging for your cartridges to attract more customers and increase sales. Custom Printed Cartridge Packaging is the best option to attack customers to your products. 

In this article, I will share some useful tips through which you can make alluring and enthralling vape cartridge packaging for your business. So, let’s find out: 

  • Use Environmentally Friendly Packaging Stocks 
  • Always Make Unique Packaging Designs 
  • Design with Logo and Unique Patterns 
  • Use Modern Printing Techniques 
  • Decorate Them with Alluring Finishings 
  • Add Some Irresistible Add-ons 

Use Environmentally Friendly Packaging Stocks 

Packaging stocks play a vital role in designing. Premium quality stocks help to make more attractive designs for your products. In addition, customers love to buy products that are designed with high-quality stocks.

Use sustainable stocks for your packaging boxes. Using such ecologically friendly stocks makes your brand more popular among customers. Use environmentally conscious materials whenever possible. A customizable range is also one way to increase customer engagement with your products. 

Always Make Unique Packaging Designs 

Unique designs make your products stand out from all others and help to increase sales. It is unnecessary that expensive packaging can be attractive, but you need to make sure it has a unique design that attracts people’s attention at first sight. Customers like to buy products designed uniquely, making sure you have your packaging boxes made with unique designs that suit your brand. 

Design with Logo and Unique Patterns 

If you want to make an impression on customers at their very first look, then design your packaging box with a logo or any other unique pattern printed on them for more attractive looks. This will help people remember your company’s name and get back to it next time they want something similar from this store. 

Moreover, by adding pictures, patterns, artwork, and unique color combinations, you can mesmerize your customers and increase sales. 

Also, choose an appropriate color scheme for vape packaging, which is suitable to both seasons and types of product being sold (for example, warm shades like reds, oranges, yellows could work well in winters, whereas cool tones such as blues and purples might suit summers).  Use custom printed boxes because you will have complete control over what goes into each part of your package’s design.  

You should also consider adding a QR code or website address on the packaging of vape cartridges to get more customers. This is because people want to know everything about their purchase before they buy it, and now they can with just one scan from these codes. 

If you are not sure how then we recommend you contact a professional graphic designer who will make an eye-catching package design for your brand within seconds. 

Use Modern Printing Techniques 

The best way to distinguish your vape packaging from other people’s is by printing. Custom printed boxes can fill the gap between you and your customers, as each client has a different preference for how they want their product presented. Your custom printing design will be tailored to give an outstanding look that appeals specifically to your customer’s needs. 

  1. Digital Printing: 

Digital printing is a rapid, affordable, and more cost-effective way of producing your vape cartridge packaging. It’s also environmentally friendly because it uses less ink than traditional screen-printing techniques

2. Traditional Screen Printing: 

If you want to have bright colors on the design, then this process would be perfect for you since digital prints tend to look rather muted in comparison. This technique will give a smooth feel as well as added protection against wear and tear, making your brand stand out from competitors within the marketplace. 

  • Decorate Them with Alluring Finishings 

With these finishings, you can give a premium look to vape cartridge packaging. You can also use these techniques to attract the attention of your target audience. 

  1. Embossing: 

Embossing is a commonly used technique for these boxes. It is a process where your design, which has been printed onto paper or another material, will be heated up so that it leaves an impression on the surface of the packaging stock. 

2. Debossing: 

Debossing is a technique where the design on your paper or other material will be pressed down into the packaging box. This process leaves an impression of the logo so that it can’t be removed, but you can make changes to its shape and size as desired. 

3. Foiling: 

For this finishing touch, all you need to do is apply gold or silver foil over the top of your printed designs for a shiny appearance. 

4. Lacquering: 

This option tends to work best with more delicate packaging materials like plastic boxes because it gives them additional protection against abrasions and scratches, which would otherwise render them unusable within their intended purpose.  

It also adds another layer of glossiness that makes these packages look very polished in comparison with other packaging boxes. 

5. Spot UV: 

This technique involves printing inks with high reflectivity to give a shiny finish. This gives you the opportunity to highlight specific words and sections of text while also capturing attention from far away distances. 

6. Varnishing: 

The varnishing is one way through which you can make your packaging stand out even more by adding glossiness as well as depth to colors without making them look too dull. 

Varnishings are typically used for premium brands and luxury items because they have an expensive appeal but don’t come at an extra cost than other packaging boxes. 

Add Some Irresistible Add-ons 

These add-ons increase the reliability and usability of your packaging boxes. Aside from the flavor of your vape cartridges, you can include additional accessories such as batteries for e-cigarettes and chargers if they are included in your business.  

You can separate several products by adding dividers to the packaging box. You can also add inner sleeves to your vape cartridge packaging for added protection and insulation. 

Pouches or bags of e-liquids or other accessories related to your business are also good additions if you want to increase the value of these items in a more affordable manner. 


With all these tips, you can easily design an enticing vape cartridge packaging. Vape cartridges are small and compact, so they require packaging that is also sleek. Give all vape cartridge boxes the same type of design to make it easier for customers to find what they want, no matter where in the store they look.  

Moreover, you should always go with a trusted packaging partner like Stampa Prints for you vape cartridge packaging boxes. They will provide you a wide variety of these packaging boxes for your CBD vape cartridges.