6 Month Baby Boy Photoshoot Ideas At Home

6 Month Baby Boy photoshoot ideas at home

A photoshoot for a 6-month-old baby is tricky as babies are more wakeful in comparison to newborns. Often won’t stay on their side, they might be tricking you with their movements too. This might pretty much leave you with a chance to click all the snaps as soon as possible. Getting a professional photo shoot for your baby or done yourself can be surely a milestone event too. Documenting all of the different growth of your baby boy is something as a parent you might find yourself wanting to capture all the moments. Luckily, creative and unique skills and ideas are all you need t stage your super cute photoshoot of the baby boy at home.

To opt for a memorable photoshoot for kids, you need an idea, theme, and props too! Your creativity and addition of something to the backdrop can take your kid’s photoshoot to the next level.

Check out some of these adorable 6-month baby boy photoshoot ideas that will get you inspired to try your home shoot with your little one!

  1. Fun with Fabric & Props

A 6-month baby boy makes it fun to be captured for some adorable and memorial pictures as they are super cute and mischievous too! To have fun with fabric and props, get some bunches of fabric, you can also get some clothing or bedsheet too. Cover the flat surface with the fabric. No need to cover tidely, just keep it a bit messy. Add some props such as banners, household things, and even led lights. All are a win-win situation for your kid’s photoshoot. You can lay them down while they wake up or you can let them sleep and snap some pictures while your baby boy sleeps without much fuss.

2. All Blue Background with Balloons!

Another one of the best ideas for a 6-month baby boy photoshoot at home can be keeping things blue! Yes, let all the background be blue and add some mesmerizing effect with some blue banners, a blue bow tie for the little one, blue, balloons, some photo booth props, and many more. You can keep it attractive and creative with some thoughtful additions.

3. Out to Dry

Your little prince does not always have to be asleep for setting a cute scene! All that you need to have a great shot of the day can be a calm bundle of joy with an adorable homemade background. It looks super cute when you set up a laundry baby getting dried! Confused? Lie down a thread or string on the bedsheet. You can take a blue bedsheet to make it look natural. Clip-on baby’s cloth on both sides and place the baby in middle. You also add some lights or a banner.

4. Self-Discovery of the Little Munchkin

It looks super cute when your little one discovers himself and this idea is super easy too! It is a lot of fun for your hero who is getting curious about his surrounding. Set up a mirror, decorate the background with flag banners and balloons, choose a cute outfit and get the camera ready! Let him self-discover himself and the reflection pose begins!

5. Little Master Chef!

This can be the best and most cute 6-month baby boy photoshoot idea at home. Get ready for a little bit of clean-up as the little master chef is gonna mess it all which can be worth it. Capture the moments of how the baby explores textures and tastes. Get a culinary-themed picture, let the baby wear the chef hat, add ribbons around the table, and some colorful banners too!

6. Stylish Beach Backdrop

You will be super surprised to observe how far a normal blanket and towel can take your baby too! Your baby boy is going to look super stylish laying by the seaside! Not the real seaside though. Create the scenery with a sand color blanket, let the baby lay down over a towel placed on top of the blanket, let him wear some floral shorts and funk party jumbo goggles. Make a blue sea scene with a blue blanket on the bottom side. Also place sunscreen, baby slipper beside. 

7. Milestone Baby Photo

This can be an adorable 6-month baby boy photoshoot idea at home. Milestone baby photo makes it adorable for the backdrop. All you have to do is get a photo banner and place it as a background with some lights. You can also get a led strip light with a photo clip-on. Dress the baby and the fun begins!

8. Baby in the Basket

Babies look adorable while sleeping and this 6-month baby boy photoshoot idea can be more adorable. Take a wide enough basket and place a fur blanket on the top. Let the baby sleep over the blanket and snap some cutest pictures.

9. Little Astronaut

Astronaut themes are not only for birthdays, they can be great for 6 monthly baby boy photoshoot ideas at home too! Place the astronaut-themed balloons, banners, sticker cutouts, and banners too in the background. Dress your baby and place him in front of the background! If you can manage an astronaut costume, that’s cherry on the top or even simple clothes can be great!

10. A Sports Fan

Sports go very well for baby boys and this is why this can be great 6-month baby boy photoshoot ideas at home. Create a sports-themed background with some football-themed banners, balloons, foil curtains, and click the best pictures of your little one! You can also give the football to the baby and let him discover it while you click pictures!

Once you are at your final to pick up the kind of shoot you would live, make sure to inform the photographer in advance if you are hiring one. Also, share pictures with them so that they can know your requirement. To make the event memorable, you can also pick some of the best photo booth props to use for the shoot! Do not miss out on any of the cute moments of the baby as they are going to make the best memories.