6 Interesting Facts You Never Knew About the Windows letsaskme

6 Interesting Facts You Never Knew About the Windows

Everyone enjoys the benefits of windows without even knowing the basic facts about them. Knowing the basic facts about anything can make it even more valuable. Windows are not just merely the tool for ventilation but they give a classic look to your home as well. To fully understand the motives behind the development of windows you should read a little history of the windows. You would be surprised how they took the current shape over time. Enjoy reading the following facts to understand why glass replacement is of utmost importance.

Egyptian were the first to use glass

The initial use of glass traces back to the Egyptians around 1350BC. The beads were the initial form of glass and it was used as a luxury material for hundreds of years. Later on, it was Romans who found a better way of using the glass. Since a lot of historical things happen in the ancient Roman empire, they played a vital role in the modern shape of the glass. They wanted to enjoy looking at their vine while drinking it and consequently that ambition gave them the right opportunity in the form of glass.

The windows started with Romans

Windows didn’t exist in olden times and people use to make holes in their walls for ventilation. The problem used to start with the winters. The holes can’t keep out the cold, so the people started covering the holes. It wasn’t enough though, because covering the holes wouldn’t allow the light to pass. They needed a solution that can protect them from cold but at the same time allow the light to pass. After Romans have used the glass for drinking vessels in the first century. They developed window glass- a trend that is also followed presently. It became available throughout the empire by the end of tergal century.

Double glazing style

Everyone is very well aware today about the benefits of double-glazed glass. Still, they have interesting historic events that played a key role in their evolution. For example, it would be surprising for you that the first double glazed glass was developed in Scotland in the 1870s. Although, the current version of this glass is quite different from what they used in Scotland. The latest version of double glazed glass is based on the design of C.D Haven from 1930. The concept was so expensive that its production couldn’t start till 1941. Afterward, its entry in the market was stopped by the world war and it made its entry in the market about in 1952.

Impact of glass on the heating system

During winter everyone is concerned about the heating bills. In colder climates heating can consume a considerable amount of your annual income. According to a study, you lose about 26% of your heat due to improperly insulated windows. That sounds a lot but it is the truth. The double-glazed glass helps to keep your home warm by letting very little heat leaking out. Its efficiency is measured in several ways. The solar heat gain factor decides how much of the heat a double glazed glass let in. It also depends on how much air is leaking out of your home. All these factors add up and make a considerable impact on your utility bills.

The surprising self-cleaning glass

You probably have never thought about it but the self-cleaning glass is an actual thing and it is available in the market. It considers several factors to break down the dust outside of the window. It not only saves your time but also the everlasting cleaning cost. To perform this way a special coating is applied on the surface of the glass that is hydrophilic and photocatalytic in nature. The coating works with the sun together to break down the dirt and the even distribution of water washes away all the dirt on your window.

High-tech smart-glass

This is another revolutionary glass for your windows. It is an efficient glass and state of the art work of technology. The companies are exploring new dimensions to invest and make innovative products. The normal glass window market is very saturated and innovative products, such as smart-glass are needed to create a competitive advantage. After installing this glass, you can make your window solar shaded with the push of a button. A lot of new construction projects are using it now.

There is still a lot that can be said about the development of the glass and windows. When you want to do something new it is very important to study the history of that thing to understand why it was developed in the first place. Since the core objective of windows was similar to those of now, more interesting products will keep filling up the market. The only difference is that you have a lot of choices for windows that even the Roman empire didn’t have.

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