5 Tips on Keeping Predators Out of Your Home

5 Tips on Keeping Predators Out of Your Home

Burglary attacks and break-ins are common crimes in many homesteads. In every 100,000 American homes, 340.5 are at risk of burglary attacks and break-ins. According to FBI data, an American home suffers a burglary attack every 30 seconds. With the high level of burglary attacks, your home’s security should be a top priority. With these five tips, you can predator-proof your home and protect your property and family.

Reinforce Window and Door Security

Burglars are ever on the lookout for opportunities that grant them access to your home. The best opportunity presents itself when you leave your doors and windows unlocked. It’s normal to forget to lock your entryways once in a while. Consequently, to keep burglars at bay and safeguard your property from thieves, you need to invest in smart devices to enable you to track your entryways.

Window and door sensors detect when the entryways are not closed. They send signals to the alarm panel and alert you when there are unusual activities in your entryways. Smart locks are Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi enabled. They are programmed to automatically lock and unlock your doors when you enter a code or as per scheduled timelines.

Invest in a Safe

Burglars are opportunists. Once they discover valuables worth stealing in your home, they’ll look for every opportunity to have access to them. Even when you’ve reinforced your home security and installed smart security systems, you cannot be 100% sure they will never find entry into your home. To keep your valuables safe, even during burglar attacks, invest in a safe.

A high-quality and secure lockable box can hide your documents, cash, and jewelry from predators. They can also hold your guns and prevent unauthorized access and reckless handling. If you must use or own a gun, make sure you’re a licensed gun holder. You must know all firearm handling tricks and safety measures to get gun licensing. Join an accredited concealed weapons class to hone your gun use and handling skills.

Install a Home Security System

Home security systems predator-proof your home, protecting it against burglars and intruders. The best home security systems safeguard every room and entry point in your home. The most recent security data demonstrated that homes with no security systems have three times more chances of being broken into. In other words, burglars are more likely to break into a home that does not have security cameras and smart doors. Whenever an intruder detects cameras hidden in your home or any sign of the presence of a home security system, they won’t implement their intrusion plans.

Install Security Devices on Your Front Porch

Porch pirates are some of the most common home predators in the United States. Studies have demonstrated that US homes get billions of packages every year. Since most package deliverers leave the packages on the front porch, some of which stay for hours before the owners pick them up, it risk predators stealing them. To keep your packages from burglars, you need to safeguard the front porch. Install mailbox sensors, a porch lock box, or a sensor to the mailbox. These are made to notify you and prevent thieves from stealing them. You might also make it mandatory for you to sign every package before it is delivered.

Install New Outdoor Lights

Outdoor lights are an effective way to keep burglars at bay. Burglars have to predate and monitor your home for weeks or even months before they attack. If they discover anything that would threaten their safety and blow their cover, they won’t go ahead with the attack. When outdoor lights are installed, it becomes hard for burglars to predate and attack your home. In other words, outdoor lights discourage burglars, keeping them away from your property. Consider investing in motion-sensor lights to detect movements while still lighting your outdoor space.


There has been a rise in burglar attacks over the recent years, and for homeowners to keep their property safe, they need to know how to protect their homes. Implementing the right security measures and investing in high-end security systems can keep your home safe from predators. Look for the best ways to scare away home predators and thwart their attempts to steal your property.