Tech Tips for Parents

5 Tech Tips for Parents With New Teen Drivers

You probably remember how good you felt when you were a teenage driver. You definitely felt independent since you could go anywhere without having to request someone to drive you. If you have a teenager driver, they probably have the same kind of excitement. As a parent, you need to ensure that this excitement does not make them forget about being responsible drivers. Some car technologies can help you ensure that they remain safe and comfortable while driving. Below are more details on these technologies.

Add Android Auto to Your Car

Although many drivers try to use their phones behind the wheel, it is dangerous. According to research, around 1.6 million car accidents involving Americans occur every year due to phone use while driving. To ensure that your teen driver does not get involved in a car accident due to phone use while driving, add android auto to your car.

Android Auto is a system that can allow your teen driver to connect their phone to the car’s display. That can allow the teen to use different phone features while driving. For instance, it can allow them to call, text, and play music without losing their focus. That, in turn, can help them avoid accidents.

Add a Vehicle Monitoring System to Your Car

According to research, around 5864 teen drivers get involved in car accidents every year. Most of these teens get involved in such accidents due to overspeeding. Therefore, as a parent, you need to monitor how fast your teen driver drives your car. A vehicle monitoring system can help you do this.

A vehicle monitoring system, popularly known as a GPS tracking device, is a system that can help you track a car’s location, speed, and where it is heading. When you have this system installed in your car, your teenage driver will less likely Overspeed since they will be aware that you are watching them. This system will also help track your teen driver’s driving habits. In short, this system will allow you to have control over how your teen driver drives your car.

Mount Parking Sensors on Your Garage Walls

You definitely do not want to have your car scratched by your garage walls. However, avoiding it can sometimes be hard since teenagers are not careful when parking cars. A parking sensor can help you ensure that your car does not get scratched when your teenage driver parks. It is usually a device that can signal you where to park, and you can mount it on your garage walls. This device will shoot a beam of light to alert your teen driver when they should stop pulling into the garage.

Add a Blind Spot Mirror or a Blind Spot Monitoring System to Your Car

Your safety and your teenage driver’s safety are probably your number one priority. That is why you need to add a blind spot monitoring system or a blind spot mirror to your car. A blind-spot monitoring system uses sensors to alert a driver about cars in the blind spot. When you install such a system in your car, a light will flow in the car’s side mirrors whenever your driver tries to change lanes when there is a car in the blind spot. In case the teen driver decides to still change lanes after being alerted, the system will make the car beep at the ones in the car’s blind spot.

Add the Lane Keep Assist Feature to Your Car

According to statistics, around 3,000 deaths occur every year in the U.S as a result of distracted driving. Therefore, your driver needs to stay focused and alert when driving. That can help ensure that your car does not drift out of the lane. To ensure that your driver stays on the same lane, you need to add the lane keep assist feature to your car. This feature makes good use of car sensors. When it is turned on, your driver will be alerted whenever they try to drift from their lane. The lane-keep-assist feature will also ensure that your driver does not sleep or get distracted while driving.

If you have a new teen driver, you need to make good use of car technologies that help drivers remain safe and comfortable when driving. For instance, you need to add a GPS tracker, android auto, and a blind spot monitoring system to your car. You should also mount parking sensors on your garage walls.