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5 Facts About The Persian Cat

Persian cats are one of the most recognized and friendly cat breeds in the world. It is also the oldest breed of the domestic cat. They are popular for their long and soft fur and pleasant personality. Usually, their size ranges from medium-sized that can reach 7-12 pounds of weight. If you are thinking to buy a cat and that too Persian one, then these facts will help you in knowing them better.

Top 5 Persian Cat Facts

Mysterious History

The origin of the Persian cat is truly a mystery. It was first registered with the Cat Fanciers Association in 1871, but according to some sources they have been in records of Europeans since the 1500s. They came into notice of Europeans when consuls were posted in the Middle East, and they brought a long-haired fur cat back to England.

Persian cats attracted everyone for their unique look i.e. long hair, tiny nose, and flat muzzle. These cats are believed to live in mountainous areas of Persia. However, nobody knows the truth, and its history has always been a mystery for all. Some say that an Italian named Pietro Della Valle was once passing through Persia- now called Iran- and he noticed the exotic long-haired cat of gray-colored in the market. He bought 4 pairs and brought them to home to England.

World’s First Cat Show

The first Persian cat was showcased in world’s first organized cat show in 1871. The show held at Crystal Palace in London, England, organized by Harrison Weir. There were many other breeds of cats like Siamese cat, a Schttish Wild cat, Manxes, and other exotic felines. It was a Grand cat show where around 20,000+ visitors arrived A Persian kitten won everyone’s heart in the show and was awarded as the best cat in the world. One can check out Persian cat for sale They have most friendly cats that easily adjust with other pets.

Cats with Unique Features

Persian cats are unique in features. Their long and silky fur is the most distinguishable feature for which they are famous and favorite among pet lovers. Their long hairs need daily attention, and therefore if you buy a cat get ready for their daily hair care. It is a kind of breed that requires special care and attention, including grooming sessions. Many Persian cat owners cut their hairs to keep it under control as their hairs grow very fast.

Apart from this, this breed is available in many colors. There are around 80 plus colors available in this cat, from which blue, black, silver, and smoke are the most popular choice. Persian cats have a flat and open face with tiny button noses. Their eyes are quite attractive against their wee nose that looks bigger and expressive. Also, they have a compact body, heavy-boned legs, and medium-sized tails.

Friendly as Dog

Persian cats are not only popular for their features and good looks but also because they are exceptionally friendly. These cats get friendly easily with other pets too. However, you need to allow them some time to get acquainted with everyone in your home. Persian cats are the most loving and friendly on their own. Some call them ‘dog cats’ as they are friendly like dogs, and they do such activity that normal cats can’t do.

Persian cats are easy to train, they run to greet guests whoever come home. They also hear and react when called by their name. They have quite a similar feature to dogs. Persian cats are also known for their talkative behavior. They talk a lot with their owner in the sound of meow. However, they are the laziest cats and spend time doing nothing for hours. In fact, they are the laziest breed in the world. They can sleep for 20 hours a day!

Long Life

Yes, you read it right. The Persian cat lives for a longer period. Persian cats are free from a genetic problem. However, polycystic kidney disease is the exception, but genetic testing has been successful in eliminating the PKD-1 gene from their breeding stock. Persian cats don’t get breathing issues, and they have a life span of around 15-18 years.

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Persian cats are one of the most recognized and friendly cat breeds in the world. It is also the oldest breed of the domestic cat. They are popular for their long and soft fur and pleasant personality.
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