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How random credit card can help you to buy products in PUBG

Player Unknown’s Battleground is one of the most famous games around the world today and many players are associated with it. This game offers an amazing battlefield experience with some things that can be purchased within the game.

This game is available on both mobile and personal computers, increasing the number of players around the world. According to the developers, most users play the game from their mobile phones.

There are a lot of things within the app that you can buy using different methods and these things are written below:

  • UC or Unknown Cash Official PUBG Currency
  • Royal Pass
  • Clothes
  • Helmets, Rifles, Magazines

Although there are several variations in these products where you have to purchase the official currency of the game by credit card.

Introduction to the PUBG Game

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds PUBG is a game that can be played online with the option for multiplayer. It starts with a flying plane in which 100 players parachute onto the battlefield of an island. Players have the opportunity to land at their favorite place as there are different locations such as houses, ports, schools, and mountains.

As soon as they land on the island, they can go into the houses to get weapons and clothes to shoot others. Now, the basic concept is to save themselves from other shooters and kill others while running, walking, and hiding in the houses.

One of the biggest reasons why this game went viral is communication and chat that is possible within the application. You can chat or even communicate via live audio while it offers the features of mute and listen to the voice of certain players.

In this game, you have the squad of four races that can be random, while you can also have your friends in your squad. If you select random races for your squad, the game also allows you to select certain players from the region.

Here are some of the features and features of PUBG in different platforms:

· Personal Computer

Although this famous game started on the mobile phone and was also called “PUBG Mobile,” Tencent is seeing the increasing interest of popular streamers and gamers to play the PUBG on the PC and is releasing a new copy for the computers.

If you play the game on a PC, you are only playing with the players who are playing from their PC, and this way you cannot have the mobile players in your squad. The big advantage of the PC is the peripherals, which are used for smooth and fast gaming.

For example, you can play the game with the help of a gaming mouse, keyboard, or even the console. However, the console will let you play better if you have already played other shooter games on gaming devices such as PlayStation, Xbox, etc.

Most international competitions between multiplayer are held on the computer due to the professional way of playing. However, most YouTubers, who normally stream live games, use the computer to play and make live streams.

·  PUBG Mobile

The PUBG mobile is the application and version of PlayerUnderground’s Battleground for players who need to play the game directly from their mobile phone.

It has the better version compared to the PCs because the developers made this game for the mobile phone, but later developed another version for the laptops. The Mobile version of this shooting game was launched in 2017 and is sometimes updated several times a month.

The mobile version has better frame rates and thus offers users a better experience. As the developer Tencent introduces many new features into their game, the game exceeds the storage space and the game began to pass on most of the old devices. In this regard, the company announces a newer version with a separate application for those who face problems such as low frame rate and delay.

In July 2019, developer PUBG Mobile Lite will launch for gamers who want to experience the same gaming experience with less disk space and more fps. This game only requires about 580 MBs on the mobile phone to be played.

How to buy the UC in PUBG?

Unknown Cash or UC is the official cash of the PUBG and is used to purchase various items such as clothing, shoes, helmet, and other similar items. Although there are several ways to purchase the UC in PUBG as described below:

· In-app purchase via Google Play Store

The best way to purchase the UC in this fighting game is to use the standard payment method Google Play Store. It is the easiest and fastest payment method that your credit card can use to deduct the cost of purchasing the UC.

If you live in India, you can buy the 60 UC for 79 INR, while the cost of 190 UCs is 249 INR, while both packages contain 10 bonus UC.

· Midasbuy

The other popular method of buying the UC in this standout game is Midasbuy, which does not offer sale within the app. Relatively speaking, it is cheaper than the other payment method, as there is the possibility of getting a few extra UCs if you buy a package from there.

How a random credit card can help in the game

When Tencent launches new products in the game, it sometimes announces the trial version. In the trial version, you can test the newly launched products such as clothing, cars, weapons, and magazines without paying, but sometimes the game requires the credit card to ensure payment after the trial ends.

In this respect, most of the young players, or even the pro, do not want to publish their credit card details in the game. However, there is an alternative solution where you do not have to spend any amount but can simply add the details to use the trial version.

Many random credit card generator work online for free to create the authentic and verified details of credit cards that can be used on different platforms to use the trails without spending.