How App-Based Ludo Provides Hours Of Fun

How App-Based Ludo Provides Hours of Fun

The ancient game ‘Pachisi’ that had made Mughal Emperor Akbar into an addict was modified over the years to become ludo as we know it today. The invention was claimed by Alfred Collier from England who applied for a patent in ludo’s name in the year 1891. This famous board game eventually turned into an online game that can be played on smartphone apps now and among people in different geographical locations.

Play and Learn

A ludo game download is necessary to be able to play the game on the smartphone. Android apps for ludo can be directly downloaded from the Google Play store. Once the games are downloaded, first-time users will find play instructions to be straightforward.  First-timers to the app version will find that tough the user interface and its feel has changed, the game can be played just like before. For the method to deposit money and play, some amount of guidance may be required, for which tutorials are available. Money into the game can be put in through wallets and online bank accounts in a manner similar to eCommerce transactions these days. However, the game can start only after the account in question has been verified.

Six on the Virtual Dice

The game will begin only after one of the players gets the number 6 after rolling the virtual dice- a rule the same as the physical boards. After a token completes 4 rounds of the virtual ludo board, it goes into the house of a particular color. Getting all 4 token to complete the journey around the board is the objective of the winner. Other tokens can be eliminated during this journey, just like the physical board.

Everybody Wins

App-based online ludo is a win-win game for all the involved persons. Game developers create different options in each of these apps and thereby make money. Apart from this, even players can earn a lot of money through this game. Fun is also part of the deal where they get to enjoy with friends and families. The game is just as engaging as yesteryear; only the medium has changed.

 Follow These Ludo Strategies

Ludo is a game that makes use of a variety of strategies. Not all strategies work, which is why many of them have to be put into use. Players will find many of the winning strategies described on websites.  Some of them are as follows:

  1. Follow Rule of 7 – Try to be 7 steps ahead of the opponent at all times. It will give a fair probability of escaping as an opponent’s token draws closer. It is the best chance of survival for any player.
  2. Move All Tokens – It would be foolish to wait for a single token to complete the journey and come home before moving another. Instead, moving every token each time 6 comes on the dice would be good, although the same dice score can be used to move other tokens a few times.
  3. Increase Opportunities to Knock Off Opponent Tokens – Players have to first work upon decreasing their own probability of being knocked off. More than one player can gang up together to knock off another player’s tokens.
  4. Math Skills – As is seen above, players should use probability to score better than others
  5. The Waiting Game – Get the tokens to reach star-shaped signs on boards. The pieces can be kept for a reasonable amount of time till the next move is thought out.

Getting Private Rooms

Players can enjoy games with certain players by logging into Private Rooms. Each room is a virtual chat room for other players to be invited through user names and codes. Games can be enjoyed with both known and unknown players here. As their name suggests, these rooms are ideally suited for personalized gameplay. Even the players competing at the same level will find it easier to compete with each other here.

Since ludo has already been a very popular board game over the years, it hasn’t been very difficult to replicate the same in the virtual world. As a result, it has quickly become a top favorite among digital games. It is one of the best ways to end boredom these days and is great fun for individuals of all ages.

Enjoy Voice Chat

A lot of ludo manufacturers also offer Voice Chat facilities through ludo apps these days. The purpose is to enable players to talk to each other online, thereby making the game more immersive. Just like online chat earlier on computers, players get to know each other and also form friendships. Another fun way to interact with each other online is through emojis in chat rooms.

Referral Codes

Any player on a reputed ludo app can register other players through available referral codes. When the others join, that player is able to win cash and improve his position on the leader board.