How Can Eating Quinoa Make Your Life Healthier?

How can eating quinoa make your life healthier?

Are you someone who loves eating rice but can’t indulge because of its high sugar content and carb levels? Here’s a healthy alternative for you! Quinoa is a great substitute for rice and other flours that have high levels of sugar in them and also low levels of proteins and fibre. 

Quinoa is so versatile that people have found creative ways to introduce it into their diets. Be it a breakfast meal or deserts, quinoa has found its way into different meals and has made them healthier and easier for people to consume their favorite foods, with a twist.

Eating healthy is about making the right choices. If it’s a pasta you like it can mean eating healthy pasta that is both delicious and nutritious. 

As someone who is looking to take up healthier eating habits, the following benefits of quinoa must be kept in mind while introducing it into your diet. Quinoa has become a pseudo-grain that people have started introducing to their diets for two main reasons; first, it is high in proteins, fibers and nutrients, and second, it doesn’t taste too bad! 

#1- High protein and fibre levels- 

It is getting harder for people to find food that is both pleasing to the taste buds and to the body. Quinoa is a great source of protein and has 2 times the amount of protein as compared to white rice. 

Adds the required dose of fiber into your diet- Stop worrying about your absent intake of fibre by beginning with transitioning into quinoa intake over white and brown rice. 

Quinoa has much higher fibre content, about 5 gms higher than what white rice offers to your diet. 

#2- Boost immunity

Quinoa is like a powerhouse of protein, fibers and minerals. When it becomes a regular part of your diet, your body will receive the ammunition it needs in the form of protein and fibers. 

Once your body becomes habituated to the taste and texture of Quinoa, you start feeling the difference it has on your body and immunity. 

#3- Works as a cholesterol controlling agent: 

The fibre present in quinoa ensures that the levels of cholesterol in a body is maintained.

#4- Low levels of sugar: 

Quinoa is the perfect option for people who have diabetes or are conscious about their sugar intake. If you think brown rice is a substitute for white rice, without the added sugar levels then you’re in for a surprise. Quinoa is healthier than brown rice as it has higher protein levels, along with lesser carbohydrates per serving. Quinoa does not only contain less sugar, it is also low fat, high in minerals and fibres making it a natural substitution for rice and other commonly used flours. 

#5- Great for people having gluten-allergies and intolerance: 

People who suffer from gluten allergies and intolerance can easily shift to this whole grain that packs in all the necessary proteins, minerals and fibers.

 If the taste of quinoa is bothersome, there is an abundance of recipes that will help you in introducing quinoa into your everyday meals. 

Quinoa has transformed into such a versatile food item that it is consumed in so many different forms. You can have it as a cereal to have a good healthy breakfast. A side dish can be made with it, like stuffed mushrooms, bell peppers and even zucchini! If you’re someone who has a sweet tooth but are allergic to the flours used in baked goods, then you can easily replace flour with quinoa flour and sweeten your taste buds. 

#6- Stabilizes metabolism of the body: 

Do you have frequent headaches? Laziness even after a good night’s sleep? And weight gain despite eating small portions? Chances are that your body has a low rate of metabolism. 

When your body fails to convert food into energy at a good speed it is known as low metabolism. So what can you do to increase your metabolism? Quinoa!

Quinoa is so rich in nutrients and fibres that once it becomes a regular part of your diet it is bound to increase your metabolism. Quinoa, unlike any other gluten and gluten-free grain, reduces sugar content in a person’s body. 

So reduce the artificial proteins and fibre intake and switch to quinoa which will naturally stabilize your body’s metabolism rate and make your body healthier and energetic. 

#7: Good source of antioxidants: 

Recent research has shown that out of the most commonly used flours in kitchens all over the world, quinoa has the highest levels of antioxidants. 

There are negative agents such as free radicals that build up in body cells and damage them from within. To prevent them from doing this, our diet must include antioxidants. Quinoa is a superb source of antioxidants and must be introduced into your diet. It not only helps with aging but also fights against diseases. 

In conclusion 

These are 7 ways how introducing quinoa into your meals can make you healthier. Besides these, there are several other factors like weight reduction, easy to incorporate in diet, high in iron and magnesium, etc. So wait no more and try different ways to make quinoa a regular feature in your everyday meals. It is very easy to prepare, however, keep in mind that since it is a grain (pseudo grain) it must be cleaned well before use. So clean well before use and soak it in water or stocks to bring out its rich, nutty flavor. 

It must be noted that although quinoa is a good source of protein, fibre and nutrients, you must not overindulge and fill your meals with quinoa. If consumed in large quantities it can lead to gastric issues in some people. 

Eating healthier is also about eating better. You can get gourmet food delivery online through CAARA and get a whole variety of organic foods delivered to your doorstep. 

It’s high rates of proteins and fibres can also lead to bloating in some people, so it is advised that you start off with small amounts of quinoa and once you’re sure that your body is not responding negatively to it, you can make it a regular feature in your diet.