Tracking Your Financial Investments

3 Programs for Tracking Your Financial Investments

Financial management is one of the things that most people have a hard time breaking. You may be one of those people who always find something to do with their money. However, it is wise for you to have investments from an early age. As such, you set you to guarantee a comfortable future for both you and your family. When you have already made your investments, you may want to track them to ensure that they are in check. However, tracking several accounts may be pretty daunting. The technological revolution has improved the quality of life by introducing financial investment tracking apps and software systems. It would be best to take advantage of the different software and apps to track your financial investments. Demand for such systems has led to an increase in their number. Therefore, finding the right financial investment tracker software that matches your needs may be an arduous task. Below is a list of the top three software you need to consider.

1. Emma 

You may have opted for Kay Properties and investments since you were concerned about future investments that can set your family for life. You may have been prompted to make such an investment after reading some Kay Properties reviews. To track this account and your savings account and credit cards, Emma needs to be your go-to tracking software. With this software, you can tell your cash flow as it reveals your monthly expenditure and income. Also, if you have any bank fees, the software notifies you.

Emma has proved beneficial, especially to beginners, due to its ease of setup and use. The software also has incentives for its users, such as cashback and rewards. However, they only apply to certain retailers, including Body Shop, B&Q, Gousto, and Boots. Emma offers its users different plans. Emma offers free services to its users. However, when you need better features, try switching to its premium account, Emma Pro.

2. Personal Capital

Personal Capital is among the most preferred financial investment tracker software in the market. It is the go-to site when you do not want to learn the traditional way of hiring an investment manager. It has sophisticated graphs and charts you can use when you feel that your investments are in order but have a hard time tracking their behavior. As such, you can analyze your income, holdings, and savings. You can also understand your performance using this software as it allows you to compare your investment and the stock market index of your preference.

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The solution offers automatic tracking of your expenditure as long as you have them linked to your credit and debit cards. You can, therefore, tell your spending habits and check on how you can make adjustments from the graphs and chart mappings it will create based on your monthly cash flow. You also need not subscribe to a premium account to get the best services from this solution. Their free account has a financial dashboard that its users can use for years without switching to any other software. You also can check on your retirement investments from the various tools this software has.

3. Morningstar

The above software is also pretty popular among those looking to track their financial investments. Unlike Personal Capital which is automated in all of its processes, you have to enter your investments manually. Although it is strenuous to do this task, it is results make it worthwhile. Besides, unlike other investment trackers, Morningstar allows you to set up an online portfolio too. Morningstar software offers a detailed analysis of your investments’ performance in the market. The data the solution provides reveals your total investments and their current value in the market.

You can tell the kind of return you have made from your investments monthly and annually from this solution. One thing that sets this solution apart from the other solutions is its instant X-Ray feature. With this tool, you can enter all of your mutual funds. From this, you can tell your actual portfolio holdings in the market since it breaks down and reveals to you the stocks that are held in each of your mutual funds.

You need to ensure that you opt for one that matches your needs even as you choose financial investment tracking software. It would be worthless to go for the most sophisticated solution and fail to execute what you need since it is too complicated for you to understand.