Unconventional Jewelry: Embracing Your Inner Quirkiness

In both women’s and men’s jewelry, it’s often extremely easy to find the same exact style or concept featured by one jeweler after another, and worn by a multitude of different people.  Some people have to have a piece of jewelry simply because it’s the hot thing, a traditional look, or they simply don’t want to be left out.  This isn’t precisely what jewelry is all about, though.  Jewelry is meant to be a means of expression for people, no matter their gender, age, race, or anything else.  If you’re tired of being constantly bombarded by the same styles again and again, then prepare yourself for some unconventional jewelry choices that may very well spark your own imagination.

Fashion Made Fun:

You may not be able to get much quirkier than wearing jewelry that comes with skeletal features.  Gone are the days in which skulls and the like were relegated to biker jewelry, and perhaps most surprising is that the trend in skeletal related jewelry is being headed by women, not big burly men.  Every piece of jewelry you can think of has been used by various jewelers to showcase full skeletons in gold or silver, clasping skeletal hands – something popular for rings – and even teeth.  Teeth, especially, have been well represented in a wide range of jewelry, from drop pendants, to rings that feature precious metal modeled to look like a tooth, featured much in the same way a gemstone might be.

Other unconventional jewelry statements can be found in the trend of wearing body chains, often featured simply as shoulder chains.  These can be very dramatic or elegant statement pieces, especially in terms of gold chains paired with a black dress.  Thinking that ankle bracelets are a little too reminiscent of college party days?  Well, ankle cuffs are a rising fashion accessory that emulate the look, but in a much more sophisticated manner.  Sleek, modern designs in polished gold can easily make a plain pair of black heels appear to be of higher fashion designer origins than they actually are.

Men are embracing their more unconventional side just as much as women, a fact that can be most readily apparent in the kinds of rings that men are choosing to wear – especially wedding rings.  Black wedding ring doesn’t sound like an ordinary choice, but more and more such rings are being worn by men (even women) in lieu of more traditional gold or silver options.  Oxidized rings offer a decidedly industrial look, as do titanium rings. 

Titanium rings have even transcended style expectations through their use in more expensive wedding options both for bands and for engagement rings.  Also, in terms of rings, both men and women are styling more square-shaped rings these days.  The sharper edges and straight angles create a very unconventional and unexpected look, something that automatically draws attention and captures the imagination.

Maybe gold just isn’t working for you, anymore, but you still like the warm hue that the precious metal can offer.  In this case, you may be like the people – both men and women – who are becoming increasingly enamored of rose gold.  While it doesn’t seem so out of place for women, more and more men are opting for jewelry as well as accessories with this sort of finish – such as the new rose gold cases for iPhones.  It’s little wonder, though, considering that rose gold is prized for complementing virtually every skin tone – something that other metal options can’t exactly live up to.

Whereas jewelry typically features some sort of metal work, other unconventional options available utilize more organic choices.  Wood hasn’t really been considered a high-fashion quality material, but more and more unique, stylish pieces of jewelry are featuring various types of wood, often of the exotic kind.  Many pieces mix metal with wood inlays, or feature rings, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings purely made from wood.  Some pieces are simply polished and left to shine on their own, while others feature precious stones set into their surfaces. 

In keeping with the organic option – while also referencing back to the skeletal trend – many rings and other pieces of jewelry are more commonly featuring actual animal bone/antlers. There are even dinosaur bone rings collections featuring inlays of real dinosaur bone fossils. Such options are almost reminiscent of ivory or even mother-of-pearl inlays, and, when combined with either wood or even more industrial quality materials, make for extremely interesting combinations.

Not all unconventional pieces are so easily celebrated, however.  While one always has to respect the style choices made by others, certain out-of-the-box trends just seem a little odd – or just plain ridiculous.  One such trend is that of silicone (rubber) rings.  Surprisingly, these rings have gained a sort of cult popularity for use as wedding bands.  Supporters tout the fact that they’re durable and won’t slip off when wet, but virtually none of them feature a look that implies a fine piece of jewelry.  Instead, they inevitably look like something one might get out of a gumball machine. 

They come with their own set of aggravations, as well.  For one, you can’t customize or resize such rings once you have them.  Another issue is that they’re not quite as durable as they’re made out to be, as they’ll hold any smell you dip them in – you’re out of luck if you happen to get gasoline on one – they can be gouged more easily than metal alternatives.  They’re not always that comfortable, either, as they tend to cause a great deal of sweating beneath their surface – a feeling that can quickly become a major annoyance.

Whatever fits your style, though, is what’s the most important, at the end of the day.  Certain settings make straying from the conventional rather hard, such as business or formal situations, but one can always find a way to incorporate a little something quirky.  Of course, when it comes to your private time and personal socializing, you’re really unrestrained in terms of what you choose to accessorize yourself with.  Don’t let yourself get boxed in by traditional jewelry pieces, or even by traditional forms of wearing them.  Scour the internet, as well as local stores, and really embrace the sort of pieces that define you as the unique individual you really are.