Trending Fashion hats fall-winter 2020

In the season 2020, stylish down jackets, corresponding to fashion trends, of course, remain on top of fame. Photos from the podiums and shown on the pages in magazines confirm this. This element of women’s outerwear wardrobe has become an integral part of almost any winter look.

Trends and trends of fashion hats for the season autumn-winter 2020. amaze with the variety. Numerous photos in magazines allow you to understand exactly which styles are the latest innovations.


The cap is not just a headdress that saves you from the cold, but also an accompanying accessory that adds style to the image and which can be worn in the autumn time.

Essential assortment of the season 2020. presented as a classic and rich and flashy style, as well as the original design, according to the photo:

  • bulk binding;
  • department of fur;
  • flirty cute ears;
  • stately veil;
  • pompons
  • Natural, sophisticated and feminine. These signs have become key in modern fashion. Making out hats, designers have become extremely concise, and, accordingly, – universal. Preferring simple, but fashionable models, you will not have difficulties with the composition of a solid image.
  • Oversize style. This direction moves smoothly but very confidently from season to season. And this applies to clothing and accessories, so the upcoming fall is worth stocking up on a massive bulk hat, if you have not done so before. Topical hoods, free bidis and voluminous berets, practically lying on the shoulders.
  • Incredibly bright colors: blue, lavender, hot pink, lemon, lime, fuchsia.
  • Black and snow-white shades are no less in demand for fashionable hats than saturated colors.
  • Berets are one of the top caps for the autumn-winter 2020 season, relying on photos from shows and current fashion trends.
  • The return of the 80s. Colorful hats of sport style, the shape of which resembles the crest of a rooster is a topical trend that can be found literally on every photo of fashionable magazines. They can be combined on the basis of fashion trends, as with a sports down jacket oversized, and a coat of cashmere or lightweight fur coat made of faux fur.
  • Fur. There is nothing strange that the designers decided to use it both for sewing and for decorating modern hats. Stylists recommends giving preference to products made, for example, from cropped fur.
  • A striking design. Massive stripes, a large amount of beads and rhinestones are indispensable attributes of the majority of fashion hats of the fall-winter 2020 season, based on fashion trends and photos. In addition to universal floristics, the designers used ethnic themes in their products, as well as images of bugs, flowers and butterflies.
  • Metallic radiance. The”obsession” of things endowed with a glittering surface continues. Leather hats, covered with silver or gold paint, will be a real “must-have” of the coming season



Cap-sock can be attributed to the style of “unisex”, because it is great for both men and girls. This model has gained tremendous popularity because of its own functionality, because it can be worn both in winter and in autumn, choosing the most suitable option in accordance with taste preferences.

Fashionable sock-cap for the autumn-winter season 2020 based on fashion trends and photos in magazines, can be strewn with a variety of prints, inscriptions, have a lapel.

Relatively recently, kepi, as well as all kinds of baseball caps, could be attributed to an exceptionally sporty style, but over time these prejudices “have sunk into oblivion.” The most fashionable hats-caps have been recognized as stylish novelties for the autumn-winter 2019-2020 season. conquered the podiums around the world. The photo in the magazines presents elegant images of both business and romantic style, allowing them to appear attractive and sweet.

At the same time you can find in boutiques and fashionable leather caps, as well as made of cashmere and felt. They are also laconically decorated with various rivets, studs, pompoms, chains and buckles.

If he previously takes, was a headdress for gentle, creative-minded, then at the moment – it is an essential attribute of any fashionable woman. Thanks to him, you can bring to life a wonderful romantic and gentle image in the style of “Provence”, as well as complement the business outfit.


After the autumn frosts begin to grow stronger, it is worth thinking about something warmer. This is where the stylish novelty in the form of earflaps will come. This model, according to fashion trends and photos from shows, firmly occupied a leading position.

One of the fashion trends of such hats – leopard print, as well as similar fake fur. Finding the appropriate bow for such a headdress is not particularly difficult, the main thing is that the color range echoes with some element of outerwear, for example, a collar.


Fur hats will take a fashionable pedestal in the upcoming season, according to photos from shows. Magnificent hats can be made from natural or faux fur.

Fashion hats autumn-winter 2020 surprise and amaze with a wide choice, according to the photos presented in magazines, as well as interesting novelties. This well-chosen, stylish accessory will simply not replace both in the autumn and in the winter season.