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Keratin extensions versus clip-on extensions, which is better?

Hair extensions have changed the way we view our hair and have opened many hairstyle possibilities for women who have less-voluminous hair or regret a shorter hairstyle. Some of the most popular types of hair extensions are the keratin hair extensions and the clip-on ones. They are both great but you should take into consideration some aspects before going for one or another. Let’s dive in!

1. The budget

Keratin hair extensions are in the upper top regarding the price. Even though they are more or less a one-time purchase because you can re-use them and they have a long lifetime, they are not very budget-friendly. This is because the high-quality keratin hair extensions are made from 100% human hair.

On the other hand, clip-on hair extensions are much more budget-friendly. They are a one-time purchase and they will be with you for years if you take proper care of them.

2. The wearing time

This is maybe one of the main aspects to consider. The keratin hair extensions have a very long-wearing time that can last for 6 months if they are maintained well. Even so, once you start wearing them you will have to revisit the salon to refresh them and this procedure can be quite costly and it may involve replacing some of the extensions if they are damaged. But once there they are very comfortable and natural and the main reason for changing them is that they start to be visible.

The clip ion hair extensions, on the other hand, are designed for more occasional wear. Of course, if you have the time and patience you can wear them every time. But a thing that is specific to them is that they have to be taken off every night.

3. The maintenance process

This is indeed a very important debate. If you are not used to taking lots of care of your hair you should keep in mind that this will change if you choose to go for the keratin hair extensions. While they are very comfortable and natural, they need some specific steps. They need to be air-dried and you actually can’t use much heat on them because they will get damaged.

Also, you should use special shampoos while wearing them. If you are a fan of oil masks and scalp treatments you will not be able to use them anymore because keratin hair extensions are not very good friends with oil. Swimming with them is also not advised because the extensions can get tangled in your hair.

The Indique hair extensions are much easier to maintain if you are careful. Regular wash, gentle combing, and keeping them away from too much heat will make them stay with you for a long time.

So, these are some of the main points to consider. You may be a keratin lady that wants a permanent polished look but if you are looking for occasional glam, the clip-on hair extensions are the go-to option. It is advised to choose based on your care behaviors, needs, and, of course, Budget.

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