How To Get Flawless Base Makeup

Getting dressed up for a party is half the fun. It is the makeup you do that actually completes the look and if applied correctly, takes the cake! If you are the adventurous type and like to take risks as far as fashion trends are concerned, then using colored lenses is one thing that you shouldn’t pass.

From tinted lenses that simply enhance the natural color of the eyes to lenses that completely change your eye color; you have a number of amazing options to choose from!

Solotica Hidrocor Ocre lenses have been very popular in recent fashion trends and are a must-try pair of lenses if you are on the lookout for lenses that give a natural but bold tone.

Investing in Hidrocor Ocre Lenses

The market is literally flooded with colored lenses now that they are in fashion. However, as mentioned before, Hidrocor ocre lenses are the most popular of all as they not only give a natural look to the eye, owing to complete lack of limbal ring but they are also very versatile.

Although they are light brown in shade, they give off grey tones in natural daylight. How super cool is that! A subtle and bold look to give your personality an edge but keep in mind that wearing these lenses alone is not going to seal the deal. You’ll have to pick up those makeup brushes to complete the look and enhance the beauty of your eyes. Here we share a few makeup looks that work perfectly well with Hidrocor Ocre lenses.

Opt for a Natural Look!

When it comes to accentuating the color of your lenses, it is important that you know the exact color palettes that would complement the eyes. We all have neutral eye shades and generally consider them as boring. However, with light brown lenses, it is always recommended that you opt for natural eye shades such as taupe and beige.

Using pigmented eye shades, add a shimmer to the eyelids which complement the undertones of the lenses. To keep your look very soft, use a black or dark brown eye shadow and use an angled brush to line your eyelids. Put on a nude lipstick or gloss to your lips and you are ready to rock your new lenses.

Metallic Shades Are Your New Friends

If you are ready to party in your new lenses, then metallic eye shades are going to be your new friends and we mean it literally! For a night out, always opt for metallic shades as the shimmery tones of these shades actually draw attention towards your eyes and make them look more striking.

Metallic shades in dull gold and brown work well with ocre lenses. Make sure you line your eyes with an angled brush in black and add kohl to the inner rims to further enhance your eyes. Add a bold lip color and you are done!

Go On the Opposite Side of the Spectrum!

As mentioned before, one of the most interesting things about Solotica Hidrocor Ocre lenses is that they have a dual tone. During day time, they give a subtle greyish tone to the eyes. While using natural eye shades compliments both light brown and grey eyes, what if you are on the lookout for something different? The answer is pretty simple! Opt for eggplant- colored eyeshadow.

The color in itself is unusual but trust us, it goes well with both light brown and grey eyes. The purple shade makes your eyes look bigger and beautiful. Make sure you swipe this color evenly along the upper lid and blend it properly. Also ensure, you use a highlighter on the brow bone to make sure your eyes appear bigger than they are!

Line Your Eyes

If you are not into wearing eye shadows on a daily basis but want to accentuate your eyes, then eye liner is one of the best makeup accessory that you can have! Hidrocor Ocre lenses call for extra attention and to make them stand out, you’ll have to break away from the rut of black and brown eyeliners.

Cobalt blue and purple are two eyeliners that work extremely well with ocre lenses as they not only compliment the light brown of the lenses but also work perfectly well with the grey tones of the lenses. If you are not into sharper lines, opt for an eye pencil in the same shades and smudge it along the rim of the upper eyelid.
Both purple and cobalt blue add depth and richness to the eye and bring out the sparkle in your eyes. Keep it simple and just add white shimmer to your eyes as a highlighter.

Hidrocor Ocre Lenses Are Popular as They Not Only Give a Beautiful Color to your Eyes but Add a Sparkle to Your Personality, Too!