How to Find the Right Promo Models for a Campaign

For an ad campaign to be successful, it helps to put a face to the campaign. Since you’re selling your product or service to people, you will want to feature actual people using your product or presenting it to the world.

Unless excellently crafted, advertisements relying only on designed visuals without a human touch can seem abstracted and unrelatable. So how do you find the people add charisma and spark to your marketing campaign? Here are four key things to consider.

Know What You’re Looking For

In order to get what you want, you first have to know what you want.

It’s easy to say that you need six to eight photogenic people to sell your product. But in order to find the right promotional models, specificity is key. Do you want individuals with a specific skillset? Should they be able to walk on a runway in heels? Will they need to be filmed during intense athletic activity? Will they be speaking during your ad spot?

All of these conditions require certain traits that may not be present in your average promo model. By having a clear plan for your ad campaign ahead of time, you can create a checklist for finding candidates that can identify people who will be able to do exactly what you need them to.

No brand wants to spend money on staff and a film crew only to have to improvise due to a lack of needed skills. By knowing precisely what you’re looking for, you will both save money and find the best people.

Know Your Budget

This point is fairly self-explanatory. Budgeting is a vital part of any venture and must be approached carefully and realistically. However hiring promotional talent is one area where companies often try to cut costs, to bad effect.

The promo models that you hire will be the face of your campaign; no one will want to buy a product or use a service sold by someone who seems uncomfortable, on-edge, or generally unappealing. The more money in your budget for promo models, the better models you can hire and the more convincing your campaign will be.

Make sure to budget an extra buffer amount for all parts of your marketing campaign; people tend to fall victim to the planning fallacy where everything ends up taking longer and being more expensive than expected. Lastly, consider hiring fewer but more qualified promo models. Quality beats out quantity every time.

Sell Yourself

Your brand may want excellent promo models to work on your ad campaign. But do those promo models want to work for your brand?

Employers often don’t consider the other side of the coin when it comes to hiring. Sure, companies have many people to choose from when it comes to casting their ad campaign or hiring trade show models.

But the best promo models have many companies requesting their services. Not only does your brand have to find the right talent, but the right talent has to find your brand.

So, how do you appeal to the best promo talent? This starts with offering competitive pay and hours. For a longer marketing campaign, make sure to stress the consistency and scale of the work (promo models are essentially freelancers and so appreciate pay stability). Your brand has to seem dynamic, exciting, and fun.

Especially when hiring people for both their experience but also their physical attractiveness, make sure that your promo models do not feel objectified or disrespected. Place their talent at the front and center of any discussions, and you will get the same respect back.

Work With an Agency

Now that you know exactly what your campaign needs, and how to make sure to acquire the right talent, where is the best place to find promo models? Consider working with a national staffing agency.

Staffing agencies have many general benefits. They have dedicated consultants you can work with to express your needs and find the right promo models for your campaign.

Larger agencies usually have a national presence, so if you’re even remotely close to a big city you’ll be able to choose from many candidates. PUSH Models, for example, has over 90,000 individuals to choose from as North America’s largest agency.

Additionally, most agencies have pre-screened their candidates so that insurance, background checks, and basic qualifications can be confirmed and don’t fall to you to figure out.

When it comes to finding promo models for a campaign, national staffing agencies also offer locational flexibility. Once you’ve determined exactly what you need, the agency will store that information for quick access if you need to hire in a different city. This ends up saving you time and money in the short- and long-term.

In Summary

Running an ad campaign is a big investment and can have a profound impact on the success and presence of a brand. By finding the right promo models to be a part of it, you can lend your campaign a personal, human touch and increase its positive impact.

Start by knowing exactly what you want and need for the campaign to be successful. This includes skillsets, prior experience, personality, and more. Don’t be afraid to get extremely specific! That will only help you in the process. Make sure you budget well and realistically (pessimistically, if you have to) in order not to limit your choices later on.

Once you start recruiting, pitch your company and your campaign to your potential hires. Emphasize the positive workspace of your company, and the creativity and fun involved in your campaign. Make prospective promo models want to work with you, not just the other way around. This will help you compete for the top applicants in the field.

Lastly, consider partnering with a national staffing agency, especially for multi-city marketing campaigns. Staffing agencies will save you time and money, and have some of the largest databases for you to choose from to find the perfect talent.