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How To Determine Which Clothing Colors Work With Your Skin Tone?

Fashion is not about wearing clothes, it’s about embracing and choosing a perfect color combination so that your body can adore the style. Clothes will look good on you based on the colors you choose. Colors that look good as per your skin tones can make you feel more confident and everyone would like that as well. Choosing a perfect color in womens clothing becomes a real issue if you have no idea about your skin tones.

A lot of people still get confused regarding the color they should be choosing while purchasing clothes. Either they choose too dark on their dark skin tone or they choose too light on their light skin tone. Both way it’s wrong.

The thing is, hardly people notice about the colors of their clothes. Now be very honest with me, how many of you see colors before fabrics and price points? No one right! We always go with the type of fabrics and the price tags which distracts our mind a lot. We neglect the fact that clothes are nothing without its combination of colors.

The question of what styles and shapes suit your body becomes the pivotal question when you buy clothes for yourself. Although we have a variety of options to choose from, not all the colors suit well in everyone. You may have seen that when buying a makeup product, the one in the counter sees your skin tone and prefer you the shade. Not all the shades are meant for you. Even the colors in blusher varies as per the skin tone.

Now you can well imagine how important it is to match your shade with the colors of your clothes. Don’t be upset by the fact that you can’t wear a thing that you see on instagram. A lot of times, the models shown on insta are made to show the clothes in a much beautiful ways possible. With light effects even they look beautiful in all shades no matter what colors they wear.

The next thing we should seek is the combination. A lot of people already know some parts of it. Like, when you go for buying a blue navy jeans, you pair it up with either a black top or anything vibrant. Light goes with dark and dark goes with light. This much we all know about it! Such confusion happens when you buy two piece crop top set.

This rule is applicable everywhere. If you are in a dark complexion, go for light colors and vice versa. One of the most difficult colours to match up is grey. Because grey can be in dark form and can be in light form as well. Grey has so many color varieties that it becomes difficult for us to choose the right and perfect match for it.

Grey color combo becomes more difficult on skin tones. People just don’t get it which color they should pick as per their skin color.

Let’s have a look at the types of color combination for varied skin undertones and how to narrow down to your specific type.

This way you can get the perfect look of yours wearing the perfect dress. Knowing your skin tone is really important in enhancing your true confident.

Understanding the different undertones

How do you define undertones? You have come across two terms within this post- skin tone and undertone. What’s this all about? Do you think they both are different

Our skin tone is the surface level colour of the skin. So the surface of your skin is light, that’s what refers to light skin tone. Undertones mean the natural colours and tones underneath the surface of your skin, which can be a whole spectrum of shades. Things get better when you have knowledge on designer womens clothes  and your skin tones.

Skin tones

Surface skin tone is also known as the complexion. This is the color you can identify by looking in the mirror. The color you see will be fair, light, medium or dark.

Fair skin tones are the light ones and have to take serious precautions while in the sun as they might burn themselves to red. Light skin tones are deeper than fair with a little more colour to the surface of the skin. Medium comes in between the light and the dark. Dark shade is the deepest shade in skin complexion.


As the name suggests, undertone means the color underneath the surface of the skin. These undertones will determine which colours actually suit our skin tone. Undertones are used for determining which makeup shades  they should go for like when you choose the foundation or blush.

There are basically three general undertones; warm, neutral and cool.

Warm undertones have golden colours, including yellows and peach.

Neutral undertones have more olive shades, which is a mixture of warm and cool together.

Cool undertones have pinks, red and even blue tones to the skin.

This skin tone and undertones will help you in deciding which color you should go for. After having a complete knowledge on how you know your skin tone and undertone perfectly, you can have the perfect dress in your hand.

The rules to determining Skin Tone and Undertone

You don’t need to visit a professional makeup artist to learn about your skin tones and undertones. You can wear any two piece skirt and crop top when you get the idea of your color shades.

You should know what skin tone you fit in to. If your skin turns red or tan while exposed in the bright sun, you can have an idea about your skin tone.  Medium and darker skin tones have no such markation in the sun.

Whereas in terms of your undertone, knowing the perfect tone can be a little bit of a hectic as the varied shades in undertones can cause the trouble of knowing which shades to go for.

Go for some hacks to know the exact skin type:

Check your veins

Veins can help you in identifying the skin tones. Turn over your wrist and look at the underside of your lower arm. Try to determine what colour your veins mostly appear. If you have Purple and blue tones of veins this means that you have cool undertones.

Green-looking veins have a warm undertone and if you’re struggling to tell the difference, it’s most likely because you’re a neutral undertone.

The colors you choose as per your skin tone

  • Now that you have the specific idea about your skin types, let’s explore your wardrobe!
  • If you are a warm undertone, go with warm hues.
  • Choose colors like oranges, warm reds and yellows, as well as golden tones like amber and brass.
  • If you are a cool undertone, go with bright but cool hues.
  • Choose colors like royal blue, candy pink and lilac.
  • This kind of skin tone also looks great in pure white and soft, pastel greys.
  • If your skin type is more in the neutral undertones. You can choose between pastel blues, pinks and soft lilacs.
  • Greys and off-whites also look great! But keep this in mind to avoid any bright colored attire.

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