Moldavite Stone cost & benefits

How Precious Is The Moldavite Stone?

We love Gemstone Jewelry for numerous reasons for ages. The exclusivity they bring to our life is simply commendable and worth every attention. Moldavite Gem is a semi-precious crystal popular for its excellent healing benefits. In addition, the striking features of the stone make it quite unique. People love to include something that has stunning green hues as a part of their jewelry collection. So, what exactly are the properties that make this gem precious? 

The History That Creates The Difference

Moldavite History is truly amazing when we compare it with other crystals available. The existence of the stone is the one that is usually mentioned in fairy tales. It came all the way to the earth from space and is a result of a meteoroid impact millions of years ago. 

The beautiful swirls and bubbles formed inside the surface of the stone are worth adoring. These inclusions are natural formations that purely identify the authenticity of Moldavite Crystal. Because of this fact, people remain fascinated with the beauty of this gemstone. 

You will rarely find any other Raw Crystal Jewelry with such a history. It is history that creates the difference and makes it precious. Everyone wants to cherish something that holds special significance in their life and tells a story of its own. 

Limited Availability

As we now know about how Real Moldavite came into existence, one can predict that the gem is available in a limited quantity. It extracts only from the Czech Republic, which is the current source of overall supply. This makes it quite rare and precious to access. 

The value of any crystal is directly related to its availability. Rare crystals are thus highly valuable. You will often see some famous Gemstone Jewelry which happens to exist in just a single or limited quantity. Thus, it is a crucial factor that decides the value of any stone.

Strong Healing Vibrations

Since it is a result of the asteroid impact, the Moldavite Jewelry is embedded with strong cosmic powers. These cosmic powers allow an individual to gain a hold of his life and manifest spiritual healing. 

It is full of high vibrational frequency as compared to other stones, which can take a person on a journey she never imagined. So, if you are someone who wants immense success in a shorter period of time, this is the stone for you. But, if you are new to gemstones, we suggest that you first start with a crystal with a balanced frequency. 

The gem activates various chakra present inside the body and facilitates a balance between them. For example, activating the Third-Eye Chakra, allows our mental and spiritual connection to get more strong. 

People feel the strong vibrations of Genuine Moldavite crystal by just holding it in hand. This is a parameter that is priceless and worth including. The healing and prosperity any crystal brings into your life is truly precious. 

Moldavite Jewelry – a Precious Hold

When it comes to accessories, jewelry enthusiasts are swooning over the stunning properties of Moldavite. The grandiose green hues of this gem are a representation of abundance, prosperity, calmness, and fertility. People love to add something that is different and exclusive to their collection, which this stone clearly provides. 

People often start with Moldavite Ring to fully interact with the benefits of this stone. It remains close and intact with your skin most of the time, allowing you to access the true benefits fully. People often use Rough Moldavite Crystal to simply meditate with it as it is highly beneficial in various therapeutic healing.


Moldavite is a gem that is truly amazing and worthy of your love. It will provide you with all the success that you deserve. Also, while keeping you ahead in fashion parameters, it will never disappoint you on any part. So, go ahead and explore your favorite designs of exclusive Moldavite Jewelry for yourself. Have a happy shopping! 

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