Benefits of Wearing Moonstone Ring

Not sure how much is right to spend on an engagement ring?

How much you have to spend on an engagement ring? Is it an expense that pays for itself over time, since the value of ring salt? Or is it better to invest the same amount in something that has immediate utility, like a wardrobe or one or two installments of the loan? Depends. There is no single answer to all these questions. But you can think that to come to an intelligent conclusion.
1 How much should one spend on an engagement ring? An old rule declared two months’ salary worth questioning, but not impossible. Of course, everything is in proportion to income. If a manager earns € or $4,000 a month, an €8 or $10,000 ring is a possible option. But of course, those who earn €1,500 per month will be pushed hard to get a €3,000 ring. Therefore, the proportion of two months’ salary will be maintained only if it is not to be considered an impossible effort, which weakens their finances. The same reasoning applies to anyone who receives the ring: it is better to know beforehand that you do not like spending that forces the groom to fall into poverty.
2 Does it make sense to ask for a loan to buy the ring? Yes, it is a possible way, provided that the loan is not paid in terms of wear and tear. Ultimately, it all depends on who you are giving the loan to and on what terms. Some credit cards allow payment in installments, but first, it is best to ask about the effective cost, that is, interest, in addition to the charges.

3 Should you choose the classic form of solitaire? We are no longer in the 20th century, the old rules do not apply even with regard to jewelry. Of course, if the engagement takes place formally and in a very formal, classic way then gold or platinum is the most brilliantly advisable. But if you do not attend high society, you can safely opt for a different design, as long as it is very simple and also includes a valuable stone, better is a diamond. Some jewelers offer the rings are made up of three or four small diamonds embedded together, which give the impression of a single stone (you can even find someone on the pages of They are a viable alternative.
4 Yellow gold or white gold – For almost half a century, the engagement ring was offered almost always in white gold or platinum (a little more expensive). Be careful, in any case, of the quality of the gold, which must be certified. White gold, in fact, is nothing more than yellow gold plus other metals, such as silver, nickel, or manganese. The color of the light recalls, in fact, the engagement and the upcoming wedding of the bride once considered the inviolable rule of the wedding.
5 How much should an engagement ring cost? – Since the expense, as noted above, must be proportional to your income, the 14-carat ring with a one-carat diamond averages 600-900 Euros, with a bit of luck even less. The weight (in carats) of diamonds makes a difference. If you want a cheap hotel you are under 1 carat, and that also means that it is fine. Of course, there will be a solo for his presentation at the gala night at the Teatro Alla Scala, but it will also be his figure.
6 Performance, low cost. A good idea is to choose a single diamond ring without, but with many small diamonds, perhaps around the entire perimeter of the ring, or almost. It’s no longer a solitaire, of course, but since the size of diamonds makes a difference in terms of price, many diamonds cost less than one.
7 There is no alternative to diamonds? If you don’t need a super classic model, you can opt for another stone. Or choose a synthetic zircon or sapphire. Ok, they are not the same thing, but if you are not an expert you will not notice the difference. The difference, however, is the price: synthetic gems are much cheaper. Be careful though: if you want to sell the ring it will be graded accordingly.