Helix earrings trends

Cute fashion Helix earrings trends for the perfect winter look

Helix jewelry is available in some breathtaking designs these days! If you’ve got helix piercings, you are all set to slay this winter season and have fun with your outfit! 

It has been rightly stated that Helix earrings are just like the right spice to your collection because they constantly compliment everything in your wardrobe. From cute hoops within the captive, spherical barbell, spiral barbell, seamless, phase, and clicker patterns or studs with a bead or flat backings to modern cuffs and shields, you can have all of it.

Getting a perfect match of Helix earrings with your outfit is very important. Especially during winter time when our clothes are mostly of neutral shades and we need something blingy for a special touch! To help you out, here are some of the latest trends in helix earrings that you may follow this winter. 

Cartilage Earrings

Cool and adorable cartilage jewelry is trending nowadays, and you may find them in each woman’s jewelry collection. The time has changed, and Cartilage earrings have taken over our jewelry boxes. From quite a few cutting-edge alternatives like hoops, mismatched pairs, drop rings, shells, pearls, chandeliers, and sculptural jewelry, ladies for sure have a great variety to pick from. And if you feel swamped with choices, you can never go wrong with helix earrings for your cartilage. 

Asymmetrical Helix Jewelry

People nowadays for sure love to experiment. Women have modified their mindsets, making them open to experiments and trends. So, gone are the days for matching helix earrings. Everyone has their style, and many ladies loved carrying asymmetrical helix jewelry. By carrying asymmetrical earrings, one can show off more of their collection by giving it an innovative touch. Try to wear something like a preliminary in one ear and a diamond stud in another ear, a pearl in one ear and gemstones in another ear, stone in a single ear, and drop rings in the other. This way, you can mix and match and have fun! 

Big Loops

Heavy loops are one of the most trendings out of any hoops, and that takes all the eye on your look. There are many helix jewelry alternatives, and one can select from small and massive hoops, asymmetrical hoops, hoop earrings with a small pendant, or diamond-studded hoops. Hoops enhance your appearance while one wears in their cartilage piercing, and you can wear them with any outfit and any occasion.


Cuffs are something that may in no manner go out of trend. Many young ladies endure those pretty things while searching for the best helix jewelry for them. 

Cuffs may be found in unique shapes, sizes, and styles. As they will be found in such several unique shapes and styles, they are by no means bypassed. They grab the attention of people as they are capable of making your appearance lovely and fashionable. Additionally, from time to time, they add a chunk of sassiness to you. Even the small cuffs with less complex designs can give you the great stylish appearance you decide upon. Those, similar to the hoops, can once more be worn with any outfit and at any event.


You could pick out the designs or shapes that signify something or mean something precise simply so your winter appearance may be jazzed up. You can play up with your collection and match it with your winter outfits! 

Your helix jewelry can give your winter outfits an elegant appearance, which appears best for everyone. So grab the best ones and start your collection today! 

Cool Helix Earrings Trend to Follow in 2022
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Cool Helix Earrings Trend to Follow in 2022
Cool and adorable cartilage jewelry is trending nowadays, and you may find them in each woman's jewelry collection 2022
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