5 Creative Ways To Update Your Style In 2021

5 Creative Ways To Update Your Style In 2021

Summer of 2021 is here, and with it comes a time to break out a new summer style that is sure to make people stop and look. You may have a wardrobe full of clothes you feel you can do nothing with, but you can start small and make significant changes. Start putting different pieces together creatively or even buy some new accessories or new essential pieces to bring out the upgrade you need. Continue reading below to learn five more ways that you can creatively upgrade your style for the remainder of the year 2021.

1. Colored Contacts

If you want something creative and unlike anything else, try a new eye color that enhances your unique style starting this summer. Do not worry; you do not have to get surgery to achieve this new color, as you can just get colored contact lenses. If you want to go for more of a fantasy look, you can even get cosplay lenses that look like a cat or look like a character in your favorite pop culture reference. You can change your entire personality for the day just by upgrading to a new look for your eyes.

2. Get Thrifty

After you have determined that you need some new pieces, head off to some thrift stores where you can upgrade several outfits for a low-cost you. One of the most trendy styles right now is either a vintage look from the 70s or Y2K fashion. What better way to start looking for pieces from these eras than at your local thrift stores. You never know what things you will find when browsing the aisles in these shops as there is something new almost every day.

3. Add Layers

With the implementation of Y2K fashion again, you can imagine that layers are back in and are coming in strong. You can wear a crop top, for instance, with a pair of jeans that you probably already have in your closet, and throw on a button-down shirt over the outfit. Even blazers are fashionable currently, and you can wear them as a casual piece or as a business piece if you want to feel upscale. Do not be afraid to experiment with some leather jackets or even with some cardigans if you are going for a punk or a retro look.

4. Go to the Tailor

If you cannot afford any new pieces, do not be afraid to go to the tailor. Sometimes, if you make one of your favorite pieces fit you the way it is supposed to, you will transform the whole look. Your clothing will be tailor-made to your body so that you do not have to worry about buying clothing off of the rack. You can even upcycle some of the pieces you already have by tailoring them to become something new, such as making an old t-shirt a nice, new crop top for your wardrobe.

5. Make Your Trends

The final way to update your style is to make your trends instead of following everyone else’s. Do not be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone and mix-and-match different pieces to determine the outfits you like the best. Do not just keep up with the fads and wear clothing that you do not even enjoy. It is essential to be confident in who you are to feel the best in the clothes you have and have the best style for you.

Final Thoughts

When you are looking to upgrade your style for 2021, you may not know where to start. You can look at what you already have, though, and determine new outfits that you may be able to create or pieces that you may be able to tailor. Move on to adding some accessories and pieces for layering into your closet so that you can get the full look you are going for. Ensure that any style that you create genuinely expresses you and your personality, so you can always feel the most confident.