Short Mangalsutra

5 Short Mangalsutra Designs For Millennial Brides

Mangalsutra is believed to be a symbol of marriage, that indicates a wife’s love and commitment for her husband. This sacred thread carries immense significance in Hindu tradition and culture. However, trends are changing, and so does the design. 

The days are long gone when Mangalsutra used to be a traditional ornament, as now it is evolving as a fashion accessory for all millennial brides. From delicate diamonds to sophisticated pearls to timeless solitaires, there are countless Mangalsutra design options available to choose from. 

So, if your wedding is around the corner and you are looking forward to embracing the minimalistic approach, look no further and opt for the 5 beautiful designs mentioned below. Keep scrolling the page to the end and make a worthy addition to your bauble box. 

  1. Flowers and you

If you deeply connect with nature and are searching for the Modern Mangalsutra Design that reflects your inner self, this designer floral shaped AD Mangalsutra might be a great choice for you. 

Ideally designed for millennial brides, this jewel piece is crafted in design of a neckpiece that you can wear with all kinds of outfits, be it a casual one or party wears. It is short, chic, and super stylish that complements your western attires while amping up your personality. 

The floral pendant design of this Mangalsutra set brings a lot of glimmer and grace to your neckline and pairs perfectly with V-neck and off-shoulder outfits. The entire set includes a short Mangalsutra necklace and studs, making it ideal to wear on a regular basis. 

  • Solitaires are girls’ new best friend.

Gone are the days when diamonds are used to be the girls’ best friends as now, solitaires have clearly replaced them while being the new crush for all ladies out there. Solitaire Mangalsutra Pendant is a staple for all new-age, millennial brides’ trousseau. 

These pendants are versatile, stylish and can be paired with both traditional and western outfits equally. However, remember to keep the neckline sober to make solitaires a focal point. 

The elegant simplicity of the solitaire’s setting has made it enduringly desired. While other elements may come and go, the simple solitaire pendant withstands the passage of time and can be passed on to other generations as heirloom jewellery. 

You’ll be surprised to know that solitaire settings are the oldest type of jewellery settings in the world but are still winning hearts. Add this all-time classic mangalsutra to your jewel box and steal the spotlight on the go. 

  • Crescent is class

If you are a working woman looking for a minimal and subtle Modern Mangalsutra design, then this crescent-shaped pendant might work best for you. It is perfectly suitable for those who love the sleek design and are searching for a flaunt-often ornament. 

Undoubtedly, this mangalsutra is like a dream come true for working ladies and goes well with all their formal outfits. Moreover, it is a fancy addition to your bauble box and accentuates even the dullest and most boring ensemble instantly. 

This delicate mangalsutra is easier to style and pair with any kind of outfit. The best thing is is that you don’t have to think much about the colors and patterns of the outfit while adorning this jewellery as it effortlessly goes well with any of them. 

While it looks perfect when worn solo, you can add more charm to it by pairing a statement bracelet or ring to complete your look. This mangalsutra piece is designed with minute details and will not lose its shine for many years. 

  • Diamonds are Forever

If you love less is more approach and want to keep things balanced and subtle, look no further and add diamond mangalsutra design to your collection right away. It’s no denying that diamonds are a one-time investment and are absolutely loved by all brides out there. 

While the fleeting fads will come and go, diamonds are forever and will continue to stay for years to come. We bet that a beautifully crafted diamond mangalsutra is something you can never get enough of, especially if you prefer elegance over show off. 

Millennial brides, nowadays, love the fashion that comes with comfort and class. So, if you are looking for a Mangalsutra that you can every day without losing its charm, turn to this contemporary piece and switch up your style game. 

  • Boho-inspired design

Do you love boho jewellery and want to add the same to your daily fashion? Invest your hard-earned cash in this Oxidized Silver Floral heart Mangalsutra and attain a boho-inspired look on the go. 

This quirky piece boasts a dual-heart figure at the center, making it a classic choice for all boho brides out there. What’s makes it a valuable addition to your bauble box is its versatility. While this mangalsutra looks appealing with all Indian outfits, it adds an equal charm to the western attires. 

Decked up with a unique design, this jewel piece gives you the power to flaunt your love for Oxidised Jewellery. It reflects the different aesthetics of a traditional look while recreating the richness of silver polish for a more wearable take. 

You can pair this ornament either on a daily basis or on a special occasion, depending on your choice. So, add this simple, short, and chic piece of jewellery to your trousseau and get ready to enjoy tons of compliments for your wonderful choice. 

Step up your fashion game now!!

Like everything, Minimalism has paved its way to weddings as well. Long gone are the days when brides used to wear heavy and long mangalsutra design. Now is the time when they love embracing minimal jewellery to keep themselves comfortable yet classy on their big day. 

That’s all about the 5 short yet elegant and chic Mangalsutra designs that millennial brides can opt for. We hope our guide will help you make the right choice without putting in much effort. Moreover, all the options listed above are the bang for your bucks and will definitely stay easy on your wallets. 

So, wait no more!! Pick any of these options and add an ethereal charm and grace to your personality.