5 must-have boots you need this winter season

5 must-have boots you need this winter season

Pandemic restrictions are mostly gone and public gatherings are back in full force again. Naturally, people are anxious to get their lives back on track. Everyone wants to live and enjoy life, something they haven’t been able to do for the last couple of years. 

What better way to do it than going out, all dressed up with some killer boots on? Pandemic or not, we have seen some major trends in fashion that haven’t disappointed our fashion appetite

So, after reviewing nearly every major fashion week and social media trend. Here is a list of the 5 latest boot trends to keep your shoe game on point this winter season.

  1. Chunky Boots –  These boots were everywhere. From the Celine Spring 2021 collection to Ganni’s Fall/Winter line in bold colors and fine leather. It’s not only designers and runway shows loving chunky boots this year but also social media with the rise of preppy fashion aesthetics. A nice pair of chunky Dr Martens is a staple for E-girl, grunge and dark academia fashion lovers. The perfect way to style chunky boots is with an oversized gray blazer, a tucked-in shirt and some loose-fitting trousers. 
  1. Cowboy boots – There have been many events this year that have sparked some nostalgic feelings for the all-American country style. Proving the rise of cottage core fashion, the album art and videos of Taylor Swift’s album re-recordings, flaunt cowboy boots and chunky knitwear cardigans in all their glory. 
  2. Isabel Marant’s Fall/Winter 2021 collection featured trendy cowboy boots in black, creme and burgundy colors. But the showstopper had to be the brilliant metallic silver cowboy boot. After sitting at home for more than a year, metallic-hued boots might be the perfect way to celebrate this winter season. You can either go for basics like shirt dresses or denim jeans and jackets with cowboy boots. Or you can take the fancy road in a black dress and long coat.
  1. Knee-High Boots –  Knee-high boots are a classic by any fashion standard. Clearly highlighted in the Jil Sanders’ Fall/Winter 2021 collection with its bold and decisive silhouette along with the soothing colors of pastel. Brands like Jil Sander and Chanel saw it fit to use vegan leather for their knee-high boots. Dior went in a surprising direction by using tweed as their choice of footwear material for their haute couture Fall/Winter 2021 line. So, be ready for some tweed-clad knee-high boots as this winter’s go-to fashion choice.

For 2022, the best way to wear black knee-high boots is with black skinny jeans, a white shirt and a pastel color blazer. Mix and match your black knee-high boots with different kinds of coats and belts to create the perfect winter outfit.

  1. Glitter boots – Victoria Beckham’s Fall/Winter 2021 collection made headlines with its beautiful collection of glittery and metallic boots. Even Prada, Bottega Veneta, and Dries Van Noten got in on the action with their own sparkly eye-catching boots.  

When in doubt, style glitter boots with a minimalist outfit. Your other option could also be a relaxed or comfortable pair of jeans or a knit sweater and shirt for a chic look.  Fitted A-line dresses or Bermuda shorts are the go-to for a gorgeous cocktail look. Glitter boots this winter are a sure-fire way to grab everyone’s attention.

  1. Rain boots – Once considered “ugly shoes”, ankle rain boots saw an increase of 128% clicks in 2021. Maybe the popular Goblincore core aesthetics and their love for things that other people consider “ugly” is rubbing off on everyone. Or maybe it’s the pandemic that has made us miss the outdoors and nature. From Bottega Veneta and Chloé to Celine, rain boots (also called jelly shoes) have been very popular this season. So, if you are looking for something that will help you hit your fitness goals and look fabulous enough to be straight out of a runway show this winter, try some rain boots!


In today’s world, when communication between people has become so limited, fashion has become an even more important medium to express how we feel, who we are and what we value. Moreover, nothing works better as a confidence booster than going out in a well-put-together outfit. And shoes are a very important part of that ensemble. They can make or break an outfit.  So, this winter season doesn’t forget to wear some killer boots!

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Zarin Akhtar is a Marketing, Research & Fashion Content Marketer at World Fashion Exchange – a leading Apparel ERP Software and PLM software company for fashion. She specializes in fashion trends, technology, sustainability and the business side of fashion. She’s a prolific reader, who loves everything from Science, Psychology to Fantasy and Sci-fi. When she is not reading, she loves watching anime.