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20 Mesmerizing Hairstyles Perfect For Parties And Celebrations

Planning your look for celebrations and festivities can be quite a headache. Selecting and buying a dress and the accessories to go with it, and then finally putting the look together complete with makeup and hairstyle- it’s dangerous to miss a single step!

The last part of all this, i.e. the hairstyle, sometimes receives the least of our attention even though it is the crown of our look and can make or break our entire vibe! It can instantly pick up a plain look and add that much-needed extra drama to it to make you the star of the party.

So go ahead and have a look at these 20 mesmerizing hairstyles perfect for parties and celebrations that we’ve picked up for you.

  1. Short messy curls

Short hair can get a bit tricky to style at times, especially for special occasions. The idea to rock them is to keep it as subtle and simple as possible, for example, these messy curls. 

  1. Retro hair bun

This pick is perfect for a hairstyle with gown. It is elegant and gives a formal, vintage vibe. Also, this chignon is not too difficult to make and works well with straight and curly or wavy hair.

  1. Semi-braids 

This is one for women with sleek, long hair that you can proudly leave open, and they’ll have a charm of their own. To spice up things on top of that, try these multiple semi-braids that look oh-so-gorgeous.

  1. Twisted bun

Want to keep your hair tied yet add a little bit of oomph to the overall look? Then our suggestion to you would be to try this twisted bun with multiple swirls of hair. This hairstyle will add a devil-may-care attitude to your vibe.

  1. Braided crown

Crown braids just never get old, do they?! We know that that this is a hairstyle of Western origin but listen to us and, for once, try out this hairstyle on lehenga. You’ll be amazed to see how cute they look and how perfectly they fit even with ethnic attire.

  1. Simple short

If someone tells you that you can’t sport a saree just because you have short hair now, which looks modern, ask them to wait and watch you do it! You need not compensate for anything and can just sport your short hair au naturally.

  1. Sideswept hair

Plain old classic side-swept! 

If your ethnic attire, say the blouse of your lehenga or saree has a fantastic back design that you want to flaunt, this is the hairstyle to go for. It is a hairstyle that requires minimum effort and still looks impressive.

  1. Fishtail braid

The fishtail braid is like the queen of braids, the absolute best in them all! We need not even say why this one looks fantastic; just have a look yourself.

  1. Mid-parted puff

Trust us; there is nothing more unique and attractive than this hairstyle on lehenga. This is different and renewed take on the regular puff and goes good paired with a maang tika.

  1.  Half pack with bow

This one is our favorite and the cutest hairstyle on this list. Ditch the regular half-pack and go for this cute and attractive bow-shaped pin-up of hair.

  1.  Bubble braid

Are you tired or bored with regular braids? Then why not try this quirky and gorgeous bubble braid hairstyle that goes excellently with traditional and modern attire!

  1.  Puff and curls

If you want to keep things simple and without too much drama, a simple puff with some curls along the hair length could be the hairstyle you’re looking for.

  1. Soft curls with a puff

Want to style your lightly wavy or bedhead curls au naturale? We would suggest this foolproof hairstyle for that, a combination of a puff and soft curls. Attempt this a with a beautiful saree, and you’re good to go.

  1. Messed up low ponytail

Let us first take two minutes to admire Mrs Kundra here. Is that a saree, or is that a gown?! It looks like it is both. Well, let’s move o.n and concentrate on what we are looking for, i.e., a fab hairstyle and the one Shilpa is donning here definitely qualifies. A messy low ponytail to die for, with a few wispy front flicks.

  1. Blown out loose curls

What to wear with a classic simplistic saree, you ask? We say have a look at Madhuri, rocking an elegant saree with confident curls blown out to perfection and a dazzling million-dollar smile.

  1. Sleek and straight

This list of our suggestions would have been grossly incomplete without the hairstyle that is the trending showstopper of the current times. Poker straight hair flattened on fleek adds such a glam aura to party looks, as you can see here. This hairstyle is especially recommended for ladies with gorgeous long hair.

  1. Mermaid hair

How crazy and cute is this voluptuous mermaid braid! Adorned with dainty accessories, this hairstyle will be a perfect addition to the vision you’ve imagined for yourself with the gown that took ages to find and buy!

  1. Chic low bun

How could we forget this one, a hairstyle in saree with minimum effort that not only keeps the hair off your face and neck but also makes you look chic and elegant? This one is perfect to go for when the weather’s being crazy and melting-hot!

  1. Retro Waves

Want to impart some old-world charm to your contemporary look in a gown? Our pick for you then would be these smooth as hell retro waves set to perfection. Just remember to tuck in all the flyaways with some setting spray.

  1.  Low twisted chignon

Here comes another hairstyle that is versatile and timeless. A twisted chignon is easy to make and can be paired up with any outfit you want! 

We hope you enjoyed going through this list we curated for you. Do let us know in the comments if you try some of these and how they turned out to be.

Happy Styling! 🙂