10 beautiful lipstick life-hacks for all skin tone

Lipstick has become an integral part of my make-up bag in recent years. If I could not miss a product, it would be lipstick. Wearing lipstick is not always easy. These lifehacks help you to keep your lipstick beautiful longer.

Nothing is more embarrassing than a large spot of lipstick on your teeth. To avoid this, put a finger in your mouth after applying the lipstick, turn for a moment and then remove the finger. All unnecessary lipstick now hangs on your finger and not on your teeth.

Lipstick is best applied to soft lips. Lip scrubs are often expensive, but a toothbrush or old (clean!) Mascara brushes are often a cheap solution.

Lipstick and drinking is a difficult combination. Too often lipstick remains on your glass and I find that very annoying. I found a simple solution

myself: just lick on the edge of your glass. Then you will see that the lipstick stays on your lips, as it should be.

You just have lipstick that doesn’t last long. Personally, I think that’s a disaster, especially if it was an expensive lipstick. I usually don’t have the time or desire to update the two hours. With a transparent powder you ensure that every lipstick stays in place for hours. Apply the lipstick to your lips, hold a tissue in front of it and then powder with a transparent powder. Solved!

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Matte lipstick is still a real trend, but your lips often look narrower than they really are. For those who are not blessed with full lips such as those of Kylie Jenner (with or without lip filler), a highlighter is the lifesaver. Apply the highlighter in the middle of your lower lip for more volume.

Lips with a pronounced cupid bow are often considered sexy. You can now create a nice cupid bow yourself by drawing two diagonals (in x-shape) from the highest point of your lip.

With concealer you can put your lips in the spotlight even more. The product is ideal to remove spots around your mouth and your smile will stand out much more if you apply it around the corners of your mouth.

Nowadays, some lipsticks stay so good that you hardly get them off your lips in the evenings. Scrubbing with makeup remover is not good for your lips, but Vaseline is the solution to the problem.

Sometimes it happens that the color of your new lipstick appears to be too bright at home. If you apply a bright color with your fingers or a brush, the color will be much less intense and therefore a lot more wearable.

In the end you usually have to update. With matte lipstick it is best to first remove everything before applying a new layer. With other lipsticks that is less important, but it is best to always work from the outside inwards for a nice smooth effect.

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