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Where Can I Download Nigerian Latest Music?

Recorded music revenue is growing at a rapid rate in the African country of Nigeria. It is one of the fastest expanding Entertainment and Media markets within the next 5 years, in terms of percentage. Revenue from music streaming in Nigeria is expected to witness a tremendous boom, with fast mobile Internet being responsible for this development.

Freemium model

Most of the streaming services in the African country are running freemium models since the number of paid subscribers is less while taking into account the opportunity and population. However, this is poised for growth once there is greater Internet penetration, along with better pricing models. Along with music, the growth will result in an increase in streaming TV shows and movies as well.


One of the latest types of music to have swept the global music world by storm is Afrobeats. It should not be confused with the term ‘Afrobeat’ which was popular in the 1960’s. This is high energy music from Lagos in Nigeria which majorly uses autotune for percussions, generating an electric, hip hop sound. However, it is not just about technology but it also tells the story of the people. It has played an instrumental role in transforming pop music in this part of the world. So, while looking for answers to the question, “Where can I download Nigerian latest music?”, it will be experienced. It may also be found on Nigerian websites such as Yabaleftonline.

Where Can I Download Nigerian Latest Music?

The African continent has a rich history and has experienced massive cultural influences over the years. Afrobeats music is a story of this culture, with its music industry on the rise and going global. This type of music does not talk about political influences, but about love and money.  It is meant for the urban millennial of Africa and the world. Afrobeats can easily be found in any city where the Nigerian diaspora is big, such as New York and London.  


He is one of Nigeria’s most popular exports in the world of Afrobeats music. The superstar, whose original name is Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun, has won multiple awards over the years. He is the first African whose video went past the million views mark on YouTube within 24 hours of the release of his song, “Come Closer.” In fact, he is so well known that Mark Brandt Dayton, the governor of Minnesota, has named a day in the US after him. Among the latest news to make the headlines, Wizkids is leading mass protests against Nigerian police brutalities in the city of London.

Burna Boy

This Nigerian singer has attained new music streaming heights in the US. He is versatile and is known for his high octane live shows. Burna Boy has already been found in the Rolling Stone Top 500 Artists chart recently. Not only is he a singer, but also a rapper and a songwriter. His fifth album called ‘Twice as Tall’ has really hit it off on the international charts. His popularity made even Beyonce make a song with him, as per of her collaborations album.

In the first week of ‘Twice as Tall’, Burna Boy recorded a track with Chris Martin from Coldplay, with the song being called ‘Monsters You Made’. The song alone was able to garner more than one million audio streams in USA. Last year, his slbum titled ‘African Giant’ was nominated for the Grammy awards. In its opening week, this album gathered 8.5 million streams.

The numbers given above clearly indicate Burna Boy’s rising popularity in the US. This has been a result of major collaborations and relentless touring (before the pandemic). Some of the stars with whom he has collaborated are YG, Naughty by Nature, and Future.

The world is coming to Nigeria

There were times when Nigerian music was trying to enter the West, with an aim of influencing audiences in the West, and even other regions.  It was trying hard to make itself heard, but only a few could get through. Since the last decade, many musicians such as the ones mentioned above have managed to become popular around the world. However, this is not due to their migration to the West, but because the West is now coming to their shores. Off late, many influences such as the above mentioned artists have been discovered by the Western world. One of the reasons for this is also the ever expanding Nigerian diaspora, which has certainly helped Afrobeats spread.

Other than Nigerian music, even K-pop music seems to have earned its fair share of collaborations.  

Popular music genres in Nigeria

Over the years, the most popular genres in Nigerian music have been as follows:

  • Reggae
  • Rock ‘n Roll
  • Bongo music
  • Disco
  • Jazz
  • Juju
  • Apala
  • Sakara
  • Akuko na egwu
  • Highlife