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Which is the Best School in Jaipur for Children?

School is an educational institution designed to provide learning space and learning environment to students under the direction of specific teachers. Best School in Jaipur is the best source of education.

The right school nurtures your child’s skills and talent. And a school that imparts quality to think and thinks out of the box in students. Somehow thoughts play an important role in shaping their future. That’s why it is a significant step you make for your children to choose the best school for their education.

Jaipur-The pink city has emerged as one the best destination of education destination with a global curriculum and the latest teaching method; Jaipur schools are no less than their counterparts in India’s other parts. There are lots of schools in Jaipur. You need to find the best one for your child, depending upon the quality, location, budget, and several other factors.

Factors of the best school

There are a few factors that define a school Best. You, as parents, will try to pick a school that offers quality education.

 And the school curriculum should be activity-based and includes play way learning techniques, experiential and project-based learning, skill-based learning for dance, music integrated art learning, real-life learning, and many more. Such as


Schools are priorities according to infrastructure. A child spends a significant portion of a day in school, so parents keep in mind their search for a school. The school building, classrooms, playgrounds, libraries, canteens say a lot about infrastructure. 

The spacious and ventilated premise had an impact on both parents and students. The well designed infrastructural school has more chances to get selected.


A school that has excellent academics is considered the best school. Academics influence results. Most of the parents give preference to that school which produced a good result. And the good result reflects the teaching techniques of that school. So Academics should be up to the mark of any school.

Teaching Techniques

The scenario of school education has changed. They do not follow traditional teaching. It has become learner-centered rather than teacher-centered, and their Curriculum does not refer to only books and notebooks.

It refers to the totality of students’ experience during the educational procedure. The Curriculum should follow activity-based learning. Parents prefer such a type of school to learn different skills at one roof to their children.

Faculty Members

A school with well qualified and dynamic teachers who provide a positive learning environment for the students is the first condition of parents for selecting a school. 

Well-qualified teachers can quickly respond to students’ doubts and queries and give their best to solve them. And other thoughts they have about their behavior and their attitude are that they are concerned about whether their children are in caring hands or not.

Extra Co-curricular based Curriculum

Undoubtedly, excellent academics are an essential factor of the right school, but now a curriculum with good academics with extra co-curricular activities is best. 

Extra co-curricular activities have an impact on a child’s growth. Extra co-curricular activities help develop skills like leadership, management, social skills, etc., in a child. And also, participating in creative activities can develop intuitive and intellectual skills in kids.

Affordable Fee Structure

The affordable fee structure is an essential criterion to prioritize any school. Every parent wishes to give his child the best education. Still, if the school’s fee is high, most of the parents decline that school’s option because it should be noted that a significant part of the Indian population is the middle class and they can not afford high fees.


The location of the school should be easily accessible and should not be in remote and secluded areas. A transportation facility should be there. So that students should not face any issue to reach there.

Safety and security

The safety of children is a prime concern for parents. Children spend many hours of their day in school. A safe and secure environment creates a space for them to explore, learn, and grow.


A very new term of teaching is preferable nowadays. A school that accesses digitalization is considered the best reason digital learning enhances the learning experience and saves energy and time for both students and teachers. In Jaipur, VSI international school has all the factors of the best school.

Why is VSI International school the best school?

Whatever factors of the best school, we have discussed the best school earlier in this blog you can find in VSI International school. VSI International is a co-educational English Medium school located in Pratap Nagar, Sanganer, Jaipur. 

The school was awarded in 2017 as Emerging School of the year by the honorable minister of Rajasthan. VSI International school has a very safe and secure infrastructure with a 24*7 security system with CCTV cameras and security guards.

And if we talk about VSI International school’s faculty, they are very dynamic, well qualified, well experienced, and detective towards students and their work. 

They pay individual attention to every student. And the Curriculum of VSI International school is child-centric, with a focus on learning and practicing. The core subjects skills and life skills such as English conversation, thinking skill, personality development, etc. And extra co-curricular activities are an integral part of the Curriculum and help in students’ learning process. Students get an excellent chance to explore, learn, and grow. VSI International school management people have an educational experience of running school. They very well know how to handle the challenges encountered in day to day working of a school. 

 These All factors lead VSI International School to the Best School in Jaipur for children.