UPSC MATHS OPTIONAL edu guest post


In this article, we will discuss how mathematics is different from another optional syllabus, who should take mathematics as optional and rules to be followed while preparing Mathematics as an optional.

How is mathematics different from another optional subject?

The knowledge of the candidate is easier to evaluate as the answer to mathematics is either correct or incorrect.

Due to easier evaluation, you can score well in the mathematics provided you have a good concept of the subject.

Note that it is a highly uncertain subject in terms of marks, either you collapse if you don’t have your concept cleared or you can perform outstanding if you have a good understanding of the subject.

Who should take Mathematics as an optional?

UPSC allows every candidate to choose optional of their choice but the candidate has the following characteristic should choose mathematics as an optional to score better.

The aspirants who are from an engineering background and have good performance in mathematics in their semester exams can take mathematics as optional.

The aspirants who have mathematics honours in graduation can also take mathematics as optional.

If you are taking mathematics as an optional only because you are from an engineering background, or having mathematics honours in graduation then don’t take it. Take mathematics only if you have a real interest in the subject.

Evaluate your knowledge as well as accuracy during your graduation. Having knowledge but not having accuracy could be dangerous. Because a little mistake can make your whole question wrong. If you realize your mistake after consuming a lot of space, then despite knowing the correct method you will not have space to correct the solution.

However, the aspirants from computer science engineering and electronics and communication engineering have little advantage as there is a small part in the syllabus consisting of algorithms, flowcharts, truth tables, conversion, etc.(but they are very basic and are easier to understand for any aspirants).

Rules to be followed while preparing Mathematics as an optional

Analyze the syllabus first, it would be easy to do so if you have mathematics in your graduation or you are from an engineering background. Try to recognize the weak and strong parts of yours from the syllabus. To start with the topics which you think you are good at. (This will give you confidence.). This step is a must if you are preparing without any help from coaching.

The practice is the most important part of mathematics preparation. Understand the concept and do a lot of questions on it. This will also increase your accuracy.

It does not matter how strong you are in a particular topic if you will not practice well, there is a high chance that you will not be able to conquer the question in the exam.

Make short notes and formula notes of each topic and regularly revise them so that all the formulas are on your mouth tip.