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Top Streams to Venture after Class 12

How and What to choose after class 12? This will be in the minds of all the students during the start of their concluding year in high school or during the exams. As years pass by, the percentile scores have been increasing, suggesting to us how the competition will be to gain admissions into prominent colleges across the country. Well, seemingly the class 12 results of MP board, TN board, Rajasthan board, etc. have been breaking the charts and will expect MP Board 12th result 2020, TN board results in 2020, etc. to even set the standards higher.

This increase in results trends year after year owes much to the dissolution of portions, which reduces the difficulty level annually. However, owing to a major increase in percentiles, the competition levels are also booming. This shifts us to the subsequent part of our topic, “How to choose smartly?”. Well, all courses in this country won’t be facing immense antipathy as Engineering and Medical Studies. Therefore, it is pretty evident all can’t enter into top universities even if you have 98% board marks, unless and until you qualify in the national level entrance examinations.

Does that mean, State board scores ain’t valued during admissions? Certainly not, that’s the second phase of the admission process. Since all can’t get into national-level universities with ease, they need to look for securing top universities within the state or even in other states. As engineering studies are very much overexploited and don’t have much scope in premium universities, now follows the challenging part to narrow down your stream of study.

Due to the current epidemic that has put down a major halt into worldly proceedings, there will be a delay in much-expected board results as TS Inter results 2020, AP EAMCET results in 2020, etc. Now, this has provided a solid time for aspirants to narrow down their stream and look out for cutoffs and prepare themselves for a hectic 2.5 months.

The Rise of the Underdogs

Much of the competition and pressure faced by the aspirants from every state is mainly because of the humongous rise of underdog states, who for a maximum period has been submerged under. Many states have improved their standards of education to develop their students and make them compete equally against CBSE and other board students.

One such classic case will be Madhya Pradesh. Known for top institutes such as MANIT and IIT Indore, the admission demographic contained extremely few of them from the native state. The same was the scenario in other states, as the students encountered difficulties in clearing national level exams. The state government rose to this call and reformed the majority of state board curriculum which bore minor similarities with the Central Board curriculum and implemented knowledge-based learning.

The State Government conducted several workshops for teachers and staff on how to implement knowledge-based learning, which further enhanced their state education reformation strategy. And it did reap fruitful results. According to SEQI, Madhya Pradesh was ranked as the 15th best state education quality-wise and this is just the start. Ranked at 25th a decade back, the state government has undertaken significant steps in improving their education quality. Annually, their class 12 state board results are topping the charts, which has generated a massive hype for MP Board Class 12 results 2020.

Not only the case of Madhya Pradesh, but there are moreover many other states which have improved their results in these years, which has now created a hard-fought competition for admissions. Now, It’s time to be a bit choosy of the course you’re going to pursue and perform a bit of smart work.

Beseeching the right course

Well for beginners, we will begin by saying “always look at the future scope.” Several courses will be overexploited by the time you graduate out, and it will require something extra to get a job at your dream company. One such classic example of overexploitation is the IT sector. What used to be the backyard of CSE and IT Engineering, now it has become a broad field recruiting business. This has created massive fears over job security, and it is turning out to be the reality in the majority of the companies.

Another field that has been seeing a deep slump is the automobile sector. The pure mechanical studies are being replaced by electric vehicles and the human assembly method is being replaced by automation. In the present circumstances, there’s another scope for mechanical engineering. If the graduates decide to venture into subsidies of mechanical engineering such as mechatronics and even robotics engineering, which provides enormous scope in the future.

In terms of arts, sciences and management studies, it will always prove to be difficult for graduates to get a pay scale equal to that if technical people, but they can accelerate their chances by pursuing masters in specialized courses like development studies, marketing, etc. Management studies will inevitably have an endless scope and having a bit of technical knowledge with management studies will take you to the top of the pay scale charts.

There are several domains of research where Bachelor of science graduates can venture into which are providing an adequate amount of pay as equal to that of technical people in the corporate sector. Research and development is a stream that isn’t prone to any sort of instability and hence it is extremely an alive domain.

Now that many states board results like TS inter results 2020, AP EAMCET results in 2020, TN SSLC results in 2020 have been postponed, this has emerged as the golden hours for students to choose their optimum field of study, based on interest. They should constantly remember not to choose overexploited courses, which will cause major troubles in the future.

Amongst thousands and thousands of courses, there are several courses like agricultural studies, biochemistry, etc. which have higher potentials in the current market and even in the future are dire in need of graduates. Its high time that they choose their field of study and fight for it rather than accepting what they get. Background research in any sort of field will always be fruitful, and it is in the hands of students. Only they’re capable enough to tell whether they’ll become agents of development or just another graduate.

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