Top 3 Free Excel Courses Online for Finance Professionals

Top 3 Free Excel Courses Online for Finance Professionals

In order to assess the financial strength of the business, it is useful to use financial modeling software. A mathematical model (typically using Excel) is built to aid in examining financial statements and formulate good business choices.

Financial modeling abilities are now in high demand among finance professionals should come as no surprise. Several financial modeling courses are entirely free, and most of them offer flexible deadlines, allowing you to finish them at your speed. These free excel courses are designed for students of various ability levels, including beginners, intermediates, and advanced models. So let’s get started on these top 3  course selections straight now.

  1. Financial Modeling Functions In Excel

To be successful in today’s highly competitive market, we must take it a step further and acquire some practical, real-world work skills. Financial modeling knowledge is vital for all finance professionals. Learn free financial modeling online. The course videos content is around 1.5 hours. It is a self-paced course that you can take any time anywhere as per your convenience and schedule.

Learn all about: 

  • EMI functions for home loans
  • Goal Seek Function in Excel
  • Scenario Modeling Functions
  • Total Shareholder Returns (TSR) functions
  • IRR, NPV, XIRR, XNPV, MIRR Functions
  • PMT, NPER, RATE, PPMT, IPMT Functions

Industry experts that have more than a decade of experience working in the consulting and financial services sectors have selected the course material. Their professional expertise allows you to compress get practical knowledge. 

  1. Excel Financial Modeling and Valuation Course 

With over 112000 students registered and an amazing rating, this latest excel modeling course is the top financial modeling course. In addition to over 12 hours of video material and 534 downloadable tools, this course guarantees that learners will become experts in the Excel spreadsheet. It teaches students how to construct solid financial models and provides them with an in-depth knowledge of the mechanics of Company Valuation, among other things.

This free excel course offers something for everyone, whether you’re a student searching for your first job, a young professional wanting to learn new skills, or a seasoned professional looking to refresh your knowledge and abilities. It is particularly well-suited for graduates who want to pursue a career in investment banking. It contains a well-structured DCF model and goes through the theoretical ideas that underpin it.

  1. Stock Market Valuation Fundamentals

Considering that Microsoft Excel is the most essential software for financial analysis valuation it is no surprise that Excel skills are in high demand among business and finance experts. 

This is a specially designed course that offers different techniques and methodologies to assess the value of a company listed in the market. 

This course will teach you 

  • Fundamental vs Technical Stock Analysis
  • Market Capitalization vs Enterprise Value
  • Methodologies to Value a Business
  • Power of Compounding in Stock Market
  • Investing Lessons from Test Match Cricket
  • Bombay Stock Exchange – Case study
  • Gamestop Stock Price Movements – Case study
  • Indian IT companies valuation – Case study


The fact that qualified candidates and high demand for those who want to work in the finance sector are scarce emphasizes the importance of learning financial modeling and valuation. You may learn about financial modeling from the comfort of your own home, whether you’re a budding financial analyst or a seasoned professional.