Tips to prepare for masters in the USA

There are over 4500 universities in Masters, out of which at least 1700 of them offer postgraduate programs. They offer part-time, full-time and also diploma and certain certification based courses. Even though there are so many universities and programs, the competition to do Masters in the USA is still very high. Students from all over the world strive to be a part of these institutions as it gives them not just world-class education, but also really good placements and lifestyle while in the USA.

To prepare to enroll in one of these universities is to start with coaching and go through everything including arranging Finance to Visa interviews. Let us get into it in detail in the further sections.

Masters in the US (EXAMS and COURSES)

MS in USA is very popular as US offer Masters in almost all domains from MS to MBA and Medicine to Architecture. Let us see the different courses available and the entrance exams for them. Let us see the exams that are important for MS and MBA.

  1. GMAT: (Intake for MBA)

Graduate Management Aptitude Test is taken up for pursuing MBA further. The exam consists of 4 different sections. That includes Integrated Reasoning, Quantitative Aptitude, Verbal reasoning, and Analytical writing skills.

  • GRE: (Intake for MS and MBA)

                Graduate Record Examination score can be used for both MS and MBA. The exam consists of a test in Mathematics and English.

  • TOEFL: (All Masters entrance exam)

                Test of English as a Foreign Language is a must as it includes English speaking, reading and writing skills. This is a mandatory test that every student has to take along with whatever entrance exam they take. This is to prove that you know their language to survive in their country.

  • IELTS: (All Masters entrance exam)

                International English Language Testing System is another exam similar to that of TOEFL. It is to analyze the speaking, listening, reading and writing skills. Either this or TOEFL has to be taken along with any entrance exams to study in the US

Pre-requisites for applying for Masters in the US

  1. Academic results: Have a good CGPA in your Bachelor’s or equivalent degree. Most of the universities go for 3 or 3.5 and above out of 4. You have to keep in mind that your scores are important for you to get seats in good universities and have to focus on improving that while you still have time. Even if you study well for your last two semesters, it is still sufficient for you to improve your score to an extent.
  • Proper training: For the entrance exam you are taking up make sure you have a good tutor and the best materials. These exams aren’t tough, they are tricky. You need to have someone to guide you with the syllabus for the exam and help you how to solve the given question in the simplest and fastest way. Hence, it is highly recommended to take up the course a year before you attempt for the exam. That way you’ll have a lot of time to understand the process and prepare for the exam.
  • Practice a lot: Even with the training, you need to spend a lot of time practising yourself. You need to have different time frames for different subjects you are going to attempt for and prepare accordingly.
  • Get a counsellor: This person or organization will help you in everything from paying your exam fee to getting your Visa. They are the bridge between you and the university. This is a must as you cannot be doing everything by yourself.
  • Entrance exam Score: Score well in your entrance exams. It can be GRE, GMAT, IELTS, TOEFL or any of the exams you are taking. Target certain universities of your choice, note their cut-offs ad aim to achieve that in your main exams. Once you score more than the cut-off of that particular university you are eligible to apply.
  • Have a good portfolio: Your Portfolio is very important. The universities that you are applying for will get a thousand other application same as yours. That’s when your portfolio comes to picture. It speaks out for you and tells them why they should admit you in their institution. You need to prepare for,
  • Letter of recommendation: LOR is a document from your Bachelor’s faculties. They should describe your strengths and weaknesses and your professors perspective about you as a student. They mainly include your achievements in the institution or maybe describing the projects you have done and much more. This will give a picture of you as a student and helps you crack the selection process easier.
  • Statement of Purpose: This is a document that consists of your abilities and your knowledge in the domain of your study. It shows how much efforts you have put into your course and your skills and interests. Lastly, why you chose their university and why they should pick you out of all the applicants.
  • Keep your Finances intact: The US government has experienced a lot of Financial Frauds in the previous years and hence now it is very strict when it comes to Finances. The Government only provides a student Visa after it makes sure you have the amount required for your education ready in your account. Hence, staying on the mark with your loans or any of the financial arrangement and its documents is important.
  • Visa Interviews: After all the requirements are submitted the Visa interview will be held. Groom well and prepare yourself for the interview. They are only going to ask you minimal questions and analyze you and approve your Visa if everything is done right.

In the end, it is all about how you manage to plan your Masters’ journey.

You need to start at least a year before you take up the exam, that starts your coaching when you are in your pre-final year (to join the fall batch) or prepare from your final year (to join the Winter batch)

Considering everything mentioned above, plan to prepare GRE for 7-8 months, writing your exam in the next 2 months, and completing all the admission process, legal processes and documentation in the next 3-4 months.

Studying abroad is a dream, come true. All your efforts are going to be worth it in the end.

Good luck with your Masters in US journey