Tips To Crack RRB NTPC Exam

It is easy to crack RRB NTPC exam if the applicant prepares for it in the right way. The RRB NTPC exam is usually conducted in the month of June. This exam is ideal for applicants who are looking for a government job in the Indian railways. Most of the positions have a good pay. There are various positions which the graduates of this exam can apply to such as senior clerk and typist junior, account assistant and typist, junior timekeeper and trains clerk. The students are graded out of 100 marks in this exam. The total time allotted for the exam is 1 hour 30 minutes and the applicants must complete the paper within the allotted time.

There are three sections in this exam which are –

  • General Awareness
  • Mathematics
  • General Intelligence and Reasoning

The following tips can help you perform better in each section.

  • Range Over Depth – It is essential for applicants to cover a bigger range of topics other than going in depth with every topic. Covering a broad range of topics and diversifying your knowledge is more essential than having in depth knowledge about every single topic.
  • Month Wise Preparation – It is essential to prepare the sections by studying them on a monthly basis. Allot one month each for every section and keep 15 days at the end to revise all the topics before the exam. t is essential for the applications to have a minimum of 3 and a half months for preparation of this exam.
  • Notes – It is essential to prepare notes while studying any important topic. Applicants are supposed to note down the important topics while they are preparing. The important topic notes can be used during the last minute revision phase before exam. Important points can easily be noted or highlighted with the help of a highlighter or pen.
  • Marking – In the examination, if you are not sure which option is the right answer then start working your way backwards. Start with eliminating option that are wrong. After successfully eliminating all the options down, if you have to choose between two options that the likelihood of you being right increases to 50%. That is better than having a probability of 25% when there are four options to choose from. However if you are completely unsure of the options at hand then just skip the question.
  • Study Schedule – It is essential for applicants to have a study schedule planned while preparing for RRB NTPC exam. Study schedule should be prepared to make optimum use of the available time at hand. The applicants can study for 2 hours in a stretch and take a break of 15 to 30 minutes after that in order to have the maximum concentration.
  • Current Affairs – It is important for applicants to be updated with the current affairs of our nation. Studying about all current affairs of the past year should prove effective while preparing for general awareness section. Reading the newspaper and magazines regularly is essential in order to be updated with the current affairs. There are also few apps available which specifically provide all the current affairs related information to the students that are interested.

Author: Sai Raja M

Sai Raja M is a college student who aspires to be an entrepreneur. His primary goal is to help other students choose a more meaningful and relevant career in their life.