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The Hiring of the Technical Staff of the Organizations

The importance of technology is increasing at a faster rate in our day to day life, especially in industries. As we all know, the market is full of competitors. To survive in a market that is full of competition and to gain a competitive advantage over the competitors, a firm needs to be up to date in respect of technology and should know how to make the best use of technology. In bigger companies like multinational companies, almost all the processes are carried out by technology. More use of technology means lesser human intervention and that means lower chances of errors. With the help of technology, a large amount of work can be done in a few hours, which will take years to be done, if done manually. Technology has also helped the industries to store a large volume of data easily and without occupying physical space. Industrial data is of greater importance and needs to be kept under security. The use of computers and technology has improved the storage and security system of data.

But the extensive use of technology, machines, and computers also brings the responsibility of their maintenance and control. In the computer working, there are higher risks of system break down, hacking of system, loss of data due to a system interruption, etc. All these risks can cause unimaginable harm to the companies that can even put a threat to the ability of the company working as a going concern. To keep the IT system maintained, controlled, and away from the mentioned risks, there is a strong need for programmers and technicians. A company must carefully appoint or hire these programmers and technicians. Due to COVID-19, it is impossible to take face to face interviews of the candidates, to cope with these companies can take technical screening interviews.

Screen interviews are online interviews taken through a digital meeting process. In typical screening interviews, candidates are asked normal questions like, tell something about you, or what are your habits? but in technical interviews, candidates will be asked technical questions to assess their ability to control the IT system of the organizations. Such technical questions will be asked to assess their technical competence and experience. Technical interviews are taken to send only top candidates to the company. As the IT world if exposed to threats can be very harmful, therefore, interviewers can take risk of sending technically incompetent and inexperienced candidates to the organizations. Technical screening has great importance in hiring technicians and programmers.

The following points will show the importance of technical screening interviews:

  • In technical interviews, only technical recruiters will be assigned with the job of selecting candidates for the company. Not all recruiters have the ability to select the best candidates. But technical recruiters know how to know about the technical competence and experience of the candidates. They will ask the candidates technical questions to assess their abilities to solve technical problems.
  • Technical screening interview will help in reducing the unconscious bias. Unconscious biases mean biases on an unconscious basis. For example, in a group of candidates, where all the candidates are of 30 plus age but among them one candidate is of 23 age. The 23 years age candidate might be ignored due to his less age and might be considered less or inexperienced than other candidates. Technical interviews help in removing this type of biases.
  • Technical interviews help in reducing the number of candidates by removing useless candidates. Many candidates lie in their resumes about their experience and knowledge. Such candidates will be removed. Time and effort will be spent on only the best ones. It will make the recruitment process easier and shorter.
  • It will help organizations in hiring the best tech employees. No organization can afford to hire less experienced employees who lack knowledge. Organizations can also not afford to spend money and time on taking interviews again and again in the hiring of programmers and tech employees. With the help of a technical interview, organizations will be able to hire the best ones.

All the points mentioned above show the importance of technical screening interviews. This will ensure that organization is spending on the best tech employees.

Organizations can also make use of programming tests while hiring programmers and other IT staff members. This test consists of different types of programs and coding based questions that are asked by the recruiters to the candidates. Questions involved in this test help the recruiter to assess the coding solving abilities of the candidates. In this test, candidates are given coding problems to solve by the recruiters. In the beginning, easy and problems are given and with the increase in the interview level the programming problem level also increases.

Based on the results of this test, the recruiters removed the disqualified candidates. After assuring the basic coding abilities, further abilities can be assessed by providing them with a real-world small project. The recruiter can either give them a mini project or ask them to write a code for the component that the recruiter wants in the project. After doing this, the recruiter will get to know, how many candidates can write 45 to 50 lines of code. This will help decrease the number of candidates by eliminating those who are not able to write 45 to 50 lines of code. This will make the interview process small and easier. To get more confirmation about their abilities recruiter can give them audition projects or ask them for sample projects that they have made on their own and are proud of.

 The recruiter will also have to confirm whether the sample project is made on their own or not. The recruiter also needs to go through their profile to know about their communication skills. The recruiter can rank the candidates based on their performance in the audition projects or the sample projects submitted by them.

There is also the need to assure that the selected candidate will fit the culture of the organization. An organization’s culture means behavior with colleagues, language, etc. Candidate should be hired only after assuring all these things.