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Should Kids Learn To Code To Secure Their Future

Many parents remain skeptical when it comes to teaching their kids to code. Coding is a set of extracurricular skills that can help kids choose a suitable career and make them logically and creatively more competent compared to their peers. 

However, kids who learn to code at an early age don’t necessarily have to become computer engineers or even choose a career in computer application. Learning to code can be beneficial for a vast variety of disciplines. 

Coding has more or less evolved to become the backbone of the modern world and its functionalities.

It is no longer only a study of computer programming but a subject that comes in handy in almost every aspect of modern technology.

From the ATMs we use to the T.V programs we enjoy, everything is somehow, somewhere dependent on coding. 

Given the multiple applications of coding in the modern world, it is safe to assume that without it we would not be as technologically advanced as we are today.  Moreover, without coding, we would also not be able to conduct many day-to-day tasks.

That is why learning to code is an excellent career choice that will certainly benefit you in the future as well as throughout your life. 

Coding is becoming easier to learn

Coding has become easier to learn as its application grows in the modern world. It has gone through major modifications and changes since it was first introduced. 

Now we have a plethora of information on how to learn to code readily available to us in the form of a book or website. Kids can search through this information to learn the basics of coding within days.

If kids find themselves interested, they can also sign up for courses that are specifically designed to develop these skills in a fun and enjoyable way. 

Coding has also evolved to be accessed without the need for large, bulky, and expensive computers. Now, people with a laptop of a home PC can code with ease. 

Sooner rather than later, coding will be available to other platforms including Android and iOS. Moreover, as AI and Machine Learning grow, coding classes for kids will become easier to teach and learn. 

What if coding becomes obsolete in the future

One of the vices of rapid technological growth is that gadgets, gizmos, and programs become obsolete and are overtaken by something more robust and advance. Many people have this fear regarding coding and it is a legitimate concern. 

However, there is are a number of evidence that show coding is unlikely to become obsolete in the near future. It could be modified and developed upon, as it has over the years since its advent, but the basic functionalities and elements of coding will remain the same. 

As long as there are machine and programs on those machines, there will be a need to create, publish, alter, and edit their programming. 

Then there is the fear of AI being advanced enough to replace human labour, especially for the coders. This fear has been discarded by experts citing that AI advancement will never really replace human labour but will enhance it. 

The type of jobs that need coding skills

Coding skills can come in handy at a vast variety of jobs. Whether you build websites, program computers, or develop games and apps, you will need coding skills in order to do your work. 

Some of the job titles that require coding skills include:

Web Developer

One of the most preferred jobs for coders and programmers is that of a web developer. As a web developer, one needs to familiarize themselves with a large number of computer languages. Web developers earn a decent salary and can grow upon their income through experience.

Network Administrator

Network Administrators don’t need to code most of the time on their jobs, nevertheless, they need to have excellent coding skills so they can resolve any issues that pop up and keep their network working seamlessly. 

Data Scientists

Data Scientists work on probability and statistics. A Data Scientists job essentially entails transforming data into communicable and comprehensible concepts. Many businesses use Data Scientists to analyses a large amount of unstructured data.