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Prepare Yourself For The PTE Academic Exam And Grab Your Desired Score

PTE-A exam is the proof of your English language competency and to prove it you need to clear the exam. It is accepted by many countries if you are applying for a visa or if you want to study abroad and it’s an online exam based on its evaluation you will be granted your score.

But what about the PTE exam preparation? How do you prepare for it? Will self-study be enough for clearing this exam? From where do you opt for the PTE preparation study material?

Well, it is possible to clear this exam with a bit of planning during the preparation.

Now when you know how important it is to clear this PTE exam; know all the ways to get through this exam.  

The pathway to the success in the PTE-A Exam: 

  • Know all the details about the exam. 
  •  Precautions for the PTE Exam 
  • Steps to success 

Know all the details about the PTE-A Exam.

Knowing about the test format and scoring pattern is equally important to understand the importance of the PTE-A Exam. 

Time: The total time duration for the PTE Academic exam is of 3 hours. These three hours can be divided between Speaking & Writing, Reading and Listening modules.

Module Time
Reading 32-41 minutes
Listening 45-57 minutes
Speaking and Writing 77-93 minutes

All the tasks analyze your reading, writing, listening and speaking skills for which you can divide your time as given in the table. 

Test format and Scoring pattern

You will be receiving score in all the subsections of each of the three tasks, which has individual marks allotted to them and then there are the tasks that carry partial credits. Partial credits are those where the scores in one task of a section will analyze more than one skill like: 

 “Re-tell lecture” from the speaking section examines your listening and speaking skills.  

And there can be more than one task in the sections that will have partial credits to them.  

With tasks including summarising the text, MCQs, describing the image, read aloud, etc. other different tasks that will thoroughly assess your skills.  

General-tips for the PTE Exam.

Utilizing time and avoiding negative marking are vital factors:

In the PTE exam, the most critical factor is the time. There are most of the time-based questions, whereas others are not. So, it becomes essential to manage time as you might end up taking more time for the questions that have a specific time limit combined. 

Remember to complete the tasks within the time limit set for that particular task else you might end up losing marks, and you might not be able to answer the last questions. 

Along with managing the time, you must also take care of not answering any question wrongly else you will end up getting negative marking. 

Section-wise tips & tricks: 

Tips for reading section: 

In this task, you must exercise your fluency, focus and understanding of the language. It would help if you take care of the following things: 

  • Search headline, arrange the sentences with phrases before them. 
  •  Unlike the multiple-choice questions, there is no negative marking in the Fill in the blanks task so answer every question. 

Tips for Speaking section:

  • Be loud and clear and remember not to stop in between even if you made a mistake.
  • In repeat sentence task memorise the sentence by repeating it in your mind. 
  •  Try finishing your sentence recording in 30-35 seconds in the describe image section. Do not leave the sentence incomplete. 
  •  In re-tell lecture and answer, short question task tries to be to the point and add articles respectively. 

Tips for the Writing Section:

 Remember to write the answers clearly and to the point to the questions, as these written answers are evaluated accordingly. You must have proper grammar and a strong vocabulary. 

  • In the summaries written text task, remember to stick to the word count while answering, write the summary addressing with the third person. 
  • In writing essay task plan the points, arrange them and then write with examples, statistics and reasons supporting your points. 

Tips for the Listening Section: 

This section needs you to be more attentive and focused as the better you listen, the better you perform. 

  1. SUMMARIES SPOKEN TEXT: In this task, follow the word limit & note down the keywords. 

2.  MULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTIONS: Take your time in answering the questions, do not answer them until you are sure about it as these questions carry negative marking. 

3.  In the Fill in the blanks and highlight correct summary, try to understand the context and write down the answer, for accurate summary use elimination method. 

4.  In the remaining task of this section, be attentive and review your answers before submitting as the highlight incorrect words task has negative marking. 

Apart from all these tips for all the section concentrates on your grammar and vocabulary as they will help you answer them better.

For better preparation and to increase your chances of scoring well in the PTE Exam, you can opt for the online tutorials that provide you with lots of sample papers and model answers with a detailed explanation. It will make you more confident about the tasks and types of questions that could be asked in the exam. Practice tests offered on these tutorials can also join in your PTE-A exam preparation. 

For example, PTE tutorials provide you with all the methods as mentioned above to practice and also it provides you with the PTE Tutorials mobile app where you will find a lot of sample papers with tasks where you can record your answers and review them. You can also prepare with mocks tests and highly informative study materials at any time. 

Use these online tutorials and mobile applications to achieve the desired score. Do not wish for it; work for it!