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An entrance exam in today’s world is every student’s way to achieve their aims and desires in the educational field they want to. But if we look at a broader view of it, what actually is an entrance exam? And why do we have to apply to these exams to get into our desired colleges?

An entrance exam is just a medium through which the students get into colleges and the reason behind why they are taken is that the institutions want to test student’s skills, the conceptual learnings and what kind of approach will the students have regarding the topic. Aptitude and subject-based tests are what these entrances consist of and it has all been worth it from quite a long time now.

edu guest post - how to preparation for exams

The fear of exams is what every student has from the very start of his/her educational life and when it comes to an entrance exam the level of fear rises a bit, this goes without saying that how important these entrance exams are for the students and thus the fear. Lakhs of students apply to various entrance exams in a year, for example, there are entrances for Engineering, Medical, Management, Designing, Fashion, Film and TV and many more.

There are a few reasons why students usually have a hard time preparing for the entrance exams or why they cannot make it to the colleges. Some of them could be as stated:

Lack of preparation – Not to say that to ace the entrance exams, one needs a lot of practice and preparation and without that there are a lot of chances of failure and many students do not give it their all and that may cause a problem at times.

edu guest post - how to preparation for exams

Distractions – We are talking about the 21st century, the social media generation and something which is bound to come in between our preparations for the exams. Socializing is good, but when you are to achieve something for good you got to take a step back, some sacrifices are worth making.

Low motivation – It is tough to prepare for an exam and there will be times when you will think you have lost it all, which makes things worse and hence students go low on motivation which results in failure.

Over-learning materials –In the panic situation, while preparing for an entrance exam, students usually tend to start referring to numerous different books or study materials which eventually confuses them and leads to self- doubting.

Here are some ways through which one can easily prepare for the entrance exams.

Time Management – The most important and the most crucial part about preparing for an exam should be focusing on the time one has and its utilization to the best. Students usually do not have a good time management plan and hence fall short of time to cover up the whole syllabus and also they do face problems while attending the exams the time runs out and they cannot attend the whole exam paper. So the reduce these problems, one should always keep a good schedule according to their needs and have a plan and work according to that.

Make a study plan– From the first point, we derive this particular point which is creating a study plan for yourself. You are the one who knows what strengths do you hold and what weaknesses are there at your part and hence you should plan your study schedule according to your needs and most importantly stick by it.

Previous years test paper to practice– We cannot emphasize enough on the fact that how important and helping, practicing throughout is. Previous year’s papers are a good way to practice because you get to know various types of questions and also the pattern for the paper.

Useless study materials–Referring to a lot of books can be stressful and confusing, thus one should stick to a single plan and consider studying from limited study materials.

Stay physically and mentally balanced – It is very important for a student to be both physically and mentally stable and balanced in order to give their 100% so students should make sure they are keeping up with the environment and giving their physical as well as mental health good amount of attention.

We all know that this is a tough process and things get frustrating after a point of time but you need to hold on and just give your best. Here are some DO’s and DONT’S during the preparation for your entrance exam.


  • Make sure you have some amount of recreation, it may be something you love to do.
  • Taking time to time breaks and going around for walks is a great idea.
  • Spending some family time, they will be your best support at these times.
  • Meditating once in a day will bring you peace and calm.


  • Do not over-practice, or overdo anything.
  • Don’t be negative about anything, be it yourself or the exams.
  • Do not procrastinate things, just stick to your plan and practice according to that.
  • Do not talk to peers about their preparation and doubt yourself.

This is a crucial phase of your life and being dedicated and motivated to achieve what you want is the only key to succeed at this. Practice well and have faith in yourself.

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