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How to find the best Kindergarten School in Kuala Lumpur

A child’s early years are the most formative and it is during this time when they have the keenest interest in their surroundings. Their cognitive abilities are super-fast and the parents must find the right environment to provide a program that enhances their social, physical, and emotional development.

Kuala Lumpur is a cultural hub that houses people from different parts of the world. It is a cosmopolitan city, and it has a great education system in place. It offers a variety of choices for Kindergarten schools and some of the best are the International Pre-school and Kindergarten, Garden International School, Rafflesia International School, Global Indian International School (GIIS), etc…

The school fees are also another important point while deciding which school could work for both you and your child. While most international schools that provide kindergarten programs are priced between moderate to high, it is important to know what kind of program your child needs.

Key things to look for in a Kindergarten School.

  1. Schools that offer programs that aim at the overall development of students and nurture their curiosity during the process are the right choice if you are looking for a kindergarten school.
  2. A good kindergarten school should also mold the minds of young children by providing education that just doesn’t limit academics but also other crucial areas like self-esteem, emotional development, and social awareness.
  3. The campus of kindergarten schools should have safe outdoor play spaces and the classrooms should be comfortable and airy.
  4. A warm and friendly environment with a safe space can help your child get attuned to their surroundings faster.
  5. Teachers play a very important role in a child’s early school years. A good teacher should be caring and passionate about the child’s interests and should be aware of the individual needs of each child in her class. A teacher who is professionally trained and understands the school’s vision and mission are just as important.
  6. Last but not the least, the school fees should be affordable and in tune with the facilities that are provided by the school.

GIIS offers an affordable fee structure and is one of the most reputable schools that has branches across many countries.

The GIIS Kindergarten program

GIIS is one of the top schools with two campuses in Kuala Lumpur and it offers a great Kindergarten program powered by the Montessori Method of education.

The Global Montessori Program (GMP) is a wonderful blend of a typical Kindergarten program’s way of structured learning and that of Montessori’s style of self-directed and hands-on learning.

A platform that is powered by the original Maria Montessori method of Kindergarten combined with GIIS’s modern approach using innovative learning tools can be the perfect platform for a child who is naturally intuitive, curious, and creative. While they hone their creative skills, they are also taught how to read, write and learn the concept of numbers.


 The vision for GIIS’s kindergarten is to provide a global platform and help children get ready with their fundamentals to have a smooth transition to primary school.

The school also encourages little students to take part in events and activities where they get to showcase their skills and talents to provide them the much-needed confidence while interacting with their peer group.

And considering the alarming increase in the levels of global warming, kindergarten children are taught to imbibe the importance of their environment by introducing the concept of recycling and planting trees at a very young age.

Their community partnership programs teach them the importance of society and how to contribute to the same. This holistic approach helps the child understand the responsibility towards his surroundings.

The school also provides international students much-needed flexibility with their bridge program that allows a child to join at any time during the school term. It also provides assistance to help your child catch up with his lessons and bring him up to date with his peer group.

School Fees

The School fees for the kindergarten program are quite affordable considering all the features the school has to offer. It will be well worth it when your child is getting the much-needed education and training to hone his inherent skills and to grow into a responsible global citizen at a later point in time.


Keeping in mind these above points, you can choose a kindergarten school that provides not just academic excellence but a holistic approach to educating a child during his most important school years.

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