CBSE FAQs, CBSE exams 2022

CBSE FAQs – Know the Answers to Most Asked Questions!

CBSE is one of the most famous boards of education in India. Every year CBSE conducts exams for different Classes and lakhs of students appear in those exams.

The board provides every single detail about the exam, application process, admission process, etc. on the official website. Schools affiliated with CBSE also provide these details to the students and parents for their knowledge. But still many parents and students get confused about certain details and will end up creating a big list of CBSE FAQs.

This is what the article is all about. We have catered to the most asked questions by the parents and students about the CBSE exams and answered them. This might clear all their confusion and have a clear idea about it.

Top 14 CBSE FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Below are the top 14 most asked questions about CBSE exams, admission procedures, and other important details.

Question 1: Are the pre-board exam marks considered in the board exams?

Answer: No, as per the CBSE exam rules, marks obtained in the pre-board exams are not added to the board examinations. This rule applies to both Class 10th and 12th board examinations.

Question 2: If a student fails in pre-board exams, then he/ she will be allowed to take the board exams or not?

Answer: Don’t worry, students failing in the pre-board exams are allowed to appear in the board exams. They just have to satisfy the eligibility conditions. Pre-board exams are just to test your preparation level for the Class 10th and 12th board exams.

Question 3: Is it compulsory for a student who has failed in theory to reappear in the practical examination also?

Answer: No, students are only asked to appear in the theory exams, not in the practical exams. Previous marks of practical exams will be carried forward.

Question 4: Is the syllabus for Class 10th and 12th available on the CBSE website?

Answer: Yes, CBSE Syllabus is available on the official website for both Classes 10th and 12th.

Question 5: What are the circumstances under which a qualified student may be detained in order to take the board exam?

Answer: It can only happen if there is a lack of attendance; otherwise, there are no procedures in place to withhold an eligible student from taking the board exam.

Question 6: Is it possible for a candidate to improve his/ her performance after passing Class 10th and 12th?

Answer: Yes, students who are willing to improve their performance can appear in the CBSE Improvement Exam in the succeeding year. You can improve your performance in one or two subjects.

Question 7: Do students have to pass Theory and Practical Exams separately in Class 12th?

Answer: The passing marks in each subject of the external CBSE Board Exams are 33 percent. To qualify in a subject involving practical works, one must score 33 percent in theory and 33 percent in practical separately. Students also have to score 33 percent in aggregate.

Question 8: If any student applies for verification/ re-evaluation of marks, then his/ her marks will be increased or decreased?

Answer: Marks can either be increased or decreased after the verification or re-evaluation process and students have to accept the final Result released by the CBSE.

Question 9: Does the board issue the new mark sheet after verification/ re-evaluation of marks?

Answer: If your grades change, you will receive a new mark sheet only once the old marks statement has been relinquished.

Question 10: How can students obtain a copy of the Class 10th & 12th Answers book?

Answer: Students are required to pay the prescribed processing fee set by the CBSE. You can check the complete details about this process on the official website of CBSE.

Question 11: Are the whiteners allowed in the CBSE Board Exams?

Answer: No, students are not allowed to use whiteners in the board exams. However, students can use blue or royal blue gel pens for writing their exams.

Question 12: If any student exceeds the word limit or makes spelling mistakes, then his/ her marks will be deducted?

Answer: No, the marks will not be deducted when a student exceeds the word limit. But it will be deducted if any students make spelling and other mistakes in the exams.

Question 13: Do students have to write answers in the same sequence as in the question paper?

Answer: There is no specific rule that you have to follow the same sequence as in the question paper. You should start writing the answers to the questions you know the answer to and you feel the most confident in.

Question 14: If any student chooses Hindi as their medium, then he/ she will lose the marks?

Answer: No, choosing Hindi as the medium won’t lose your marks. You can answer the questions in Hindi without worrying about the marks deduction.

So, these are some of the CBSE Frequently Asked Questions by the students and parents. Hope you are now clear with all your confusion regarding the CBSE Exams.